Goal Failure Demystified

Lifehack: Goal Rearticulation

1. Look at your list of New Years Resolutions
2. Take 10–15 minutes to change all outcome-based goals into measurable behaviors
3. Add those behaviors as habits to your Coach.me dashboard

Lose 50 pounds in 6 months
Track what I eat in a food journal every day
Do pushups and pullups daily
Sign up for weekly personal training sessions
Start a business — Reach $2000/monthly in passive income
Spend 60 minutes every morning working on projects that will reward me with freedom
Quit smoking
On Monday-Friday whenever I feel like a cigarette I force myself to wait another hour
Save my marriage
Make love to my spouse three times a week
Tell my wife I love her once daily
Start on my master’s degree
Network weekly with the professors in the programs I want to get into
Learn to speak Spanish fluently
Practice Spanish 10 minutes daily with Duolingo
10–15 minutes of conversation in that language
Improve my memory
Do brain training 10 minutes daily
Get a girlfriend
Approach women, I find attractive twice a week
Stop drinking so much
Limit the times I hang out with my drinking buddies to once a week

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In the past measuring behaviors was an annoying daily task involving calendars, pen, and pad. If you missed a day or lost your day planner you were in trouble.
My favorite tool for habit quantification, gamification, and application (sorry I wanted to get as many geeky verbs as possible in a sentence) is Coach.me
This is a free iPhone, Android, and web browser app that does an effective job of tracking and motivating you to practice winning habits.
So add Coach.me now, it’s free, takes maybe 2 minutes a day to manage.

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Watch: Lifehacking Self Control #2 the Coach.me habit gamification App

Please leave a comment letting me know any examples of ways you managed to re-articulate an outcome-based goal into a measurable behavior.

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