He was Crypto-Scammed for $150,000!

Matthew Gumke Interview

Jonathan Roseland
2 min readFeb 1, 2021


He was scammed for over $150,000 by USI-Tech’s mining scheme in 2017, being scammed for six-figures resulted in a cascade of events culminating in him ending up homeless in a tent in the woods in Scotland (which just sounds soggy to me!)

Matthew, appropriately attired to make a comeback

In this interview he tells the whole story and details the red flags ignored, we also discuss what’s cryptocurrency scams are out there lurking now — what’s the next Bitconnect

We discuss

3:12 Matt’s entrepreneurial origin story
19:30 The cryptocurrency mining scam
30:06 Going homeless
38:59 How to avoid scams
51:15 Is “digital gold” a scam
59:25 Is XRP a scam?
1:05:12 Jonathan’s dating advice to future-crypto millionaires

“I got scammed and lost $150,000 in a cryptocurrency ponzi scheme. I got into crypto to escape the debt based, fiat currency ponzi scheme then got suckered into another one.”

From Cryptocurrency Scams: Keep Your Crypto Safe by Matthew Gumke

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