Hey, Roy Sebag thanks for responding so promptly and articulately.

My intention is not to malign Goldmoney’s reputation, if you take a second look at my article, you’ll notice that even though I had a pretty bad customer service experience I defended Goldmoney on three counts…

  1. I explain why George Soros doesn't control Goldmoney.
  2. I don’t think that Goldmoney is a scam because of the statistically significant number of satisfied customers I’ve found online on places like Trustpilot.
  3. I explain that the low affiliate commissions offered in the referral program are a sign that it’s a decent company offering a good product.

What I take umbrage with is that my gold can just be deleted from your database without the courtesy of a call or even an email from the “relationship managers”. If I have gold in my safe box, it cannot be deleted with the push of a button by a customer service agent because perhaps I forgot to dot an i or cross a t to get complaint with some confusing regulatory requirement which is Goldmoney’s job to communicate to its clients.

I contacted customer service several times asking why my holding was closed before voicing my frustration and concerns here publicly. I waited for over a week for a response from them and I haven’t built any SEO backlinks to this article, syndicated it widely on social media or contacted the financial news media with my story and thoughts on Goldmoney.

Why didn’t they just give me a call? If those with smaller holdings who are growing gold savings are unwelcome on Goldmoney why not just make that clear up front?

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