HostGator’s LAZY legal department is trying to destroy my business

I have a website with over a thousand pages, of those several paragraphs on two pages were on someone else’s website first apparently.

Last week I received a DMCA notification, my ticket number is #HZP-241–99764, Kristin and Julia in Hostgator Compliance Team are in charge of this there.

I responded to the DMCA immediately. I’ve NEVER gotten a DMCA before and I thought it best to try to contact the guy who issued it, apologize and explain that I wasn’t trying to plagiarize anything and ask if he wanted me to just take the content down or if he’s be happy with me just backlinking to his site to give credit.

Waiting for his response you guys killed my entire website and along with shutting down the other websites I host.

Which is total overkill, why NOT just block the two pages that contained the little bit of content that was supposedly copyrighted?

Of course, I immediately emailed the legal department and asked them to give me access to my site so I could remove the two pages and get my site back up.

I waited several hours and they didn’t respond. So I called the customer service and spoke with…

Miranda — Who was very rude and apathetic. Told me she just to email legal again. She hung up on me instead of trying to do something to help.

Finally 2 days later on Monday, the legal department emailed me back giving me FTP access to my site. Which is totally unhelpful. My site is a Joomla website I can only remove pages or content from the backend of the content management system

Again, I responded immediately, letting them know I would do everything to comply with the DMCA and get rid of the content in question.

10 hours later I had no response so super frustrated I called into the customer service again and talked with…

Jacob — He seemed a bit friendlier and more concerned with helping my situation. But like before he just told me to email the unresponsive legal department.

So I emailed the legal department AGAIN, no response.

A day later still no response from legal or anyone else. None of the customer service reps I talked to made an effort to follow up or create a ticket or check to see if the legal department was doing anything.

It would take the legal department literally just a few moments to respond to my emails and give me instructions to fix the issue. I could even give them access to remove the offending pages via the MySQL (which is much more complicated and time consuming than doing so via the Joomla), if they asked BUT they are just out of lunch, at happy hour or the golf course. NOT working. NOT responding.

Furthermore, the other party that issued the DMCA is NOT even an American company, it was a guy in Russia who definitely does not have any legal ability to threaten to Hostgator. If the legal department had spent a minute researching the DMCA they would have known this.

Ultimately this is the fault of the bureaucratic organizational structure of Hostgator because if the legal department just kills customers there needs to be a line of communication between customer service and legal.

My website is my livelihood and I depend on it for my small business, This downtime cost me at least $400. We’re in a really crucial commercial period of the year before the holidays. It’s VERY costly to have my website down now. I’ve had numerous customers and clients email me asking why my website is not working.

If my website is NOT back up today it’s going to hurt my SEO rankings that I have many thousands of dollars and hours invested into.

If is not restored SOON

  • I’m going to move my websites to another hosting service.
  • I’m going to dispute the last year of payments I’ve made to Paypal.
  • I have a web development firm with about a hundred clients. I’m going to move them all away from Hostgator.
  • And I’ll honestly share my experience with the entire internet of Hostgator’s lazy legal department trying to destroy my business.

I don’t know if it makes sense yet to take legal action against Hostgator, one of my business partners is an attorney and I’ll be speaking to him soon.


Jonathan Roseland | Applied Neuroscience Strategist

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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