How “Fake News” could end Biohacking…

So I’ve got good news for you and I’ve got bad news for you…. And the bad news is about fake news.

The Good News…

I did an interview with a friend and mentor of mine who has 25 years Biohacking experience. We went really deep discussing
PTSD and trauma
The Racetams
Liquid smart drugs
Body Building
Hacking Bioavaliability
We even did some indepth listener Q&A
Give it a listen here.

The Bad News…
You’re probably well aware that the world of politics has a big fake news problem, well I’m sorry to inform you that the world of Biohacking has an equally dire fake news problem.

If you read the excellent book that originally defined and dissected the problem of fake news, Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday, you’ll see lots of egregious examples of it in the Biohacking sphere online:
The vast majority of Youtube videos about different smart drugs or Biohacking tools are just some person’s feelings, subjective experiences and opinions. Very little of the Youtube content out there makes cogent arguments which reference sources that lend credibility to their assumptions, statements and recommendations.
There’s an abundance of blogs and articles about Biohacking and almost all of them are VERY LAZY about citing their work. The 800 word SEO optimized articles comprise of an amalgamation of assumptions, generalizations and platitudes with a couple of links added to the very bottom which may or may not actually support the information presented.
Many popular websites about Biohacking and health are veritable content farms, that select topics based upon SEO keywords instead of actual expertise and then pay outsourced writers $3/hour to write about them. The more banner ads you see surrounding an article the less likely it’s telling the truth.
Many of these content farms along with many supplement vendors don’t personally stand behind their products or recommendations. All you can find is a generic about page, no real people, no phone number, no address, no business registered and in good standing.

There is a very real risk that regulators or government agencies will take a hard look at all this misinformation and decide to crack down on our Biohacking freedom of consumption. It’s already happened in the UK, hasn’t it mates?

In 2016 we saw how the FDA pushed for an emergency scheduling of Kratom, a very benign plant, that would turn many who used it to treat chronic pain or anxiety into criminals.

Hypothetical Scenario:
Let’s say some idiot kills himself (let’s be honest — it’s virtually always members of male gender that win the Darwin awards) with Piracetam or Modafinil in his system system and it comes up in the autopsy.
These very helpful, very benign smart drugs will get a very red flag in a government database of harmful substances, which is searched and quarried almost exclusively by the very chubby fingers of very petty little tyrants endeavouring to create problems to solve to justify their government salaries.
Not very many reckless young men need to remove themselves from the gene pool before the government will come along and decide that YOU should not have the right to use Modafinil, the Racetams or… Heck maybe even Horny Goat Weed!

How to fight fake news…

I’m one of the few public faces of Biohacking that thoroughly researches my subject matter. You’ll notice that my articles and meta analysis are full of quotations and links to studies and credible sources supporting my hypothesis about how a given supplement may benefit you or achieve a specific effect. I put my real name and image on almost every piece of educational content I put out, so I have a serious reputational incentive to get things things right.

The content format that people seem to appreciate the most is my long form animated videoblogs, which unfortunately I think I’m going to have to stop doing. Here’s why…
You are not sharing them. This is a two way relationship and I need you to participate just a little more.
If I’m going to spend my nights and weekends slaving away on the video editing software, to create fun, entertaining and most importantly well researched videos you need to share them.
Since my videos are long, detailed and thorough Youtube wont rank my videos highly and send me a lot of traffic unless, you my dear viewer are enthusiastically sharing my videos.
For example:
I created what are clearly the best videos on the internet about social anxiety, brain training and caffeine
The Social Anxiety Protocol for Biohacking Confidence
Dual N-Back Pro Brain Training App Review: Biohacking the Fronto-Parietal Cortex
Caffeine as a Nootropic: Pros vs Cons of Supplementing Caffeine
Yet they each have just a paltry few thousand views. Why is this?
They are long and Youtube dosen’t really like to rank long videos highly.
I could start just making short, simple videos with click bait title and images.
My community can get a lot more active about sharing my videos which will communicate to Youtube that they deserve higher rankings.

Call to action…

If you have not already, go through and watch ALL the videos I’ve created in the last year, it won’t take you more than a few hours and you really will learn some very cool, useless stuff.
Then I’d like you to share at least 3 three of my videos with people that they could help.
If your roommate has social anxiety issues, send them my social anxiety protocol videos.
If your dad is a coffee addict, send him my video about caffeine.
If you sister has memory problems send her my videos about Piracetam.

I don’t want you to just share them on Facebook or Twitter. What I’d like you to do is to actually think about the people in your life and the challenges they face. I have videos that can really help them.
So let them know you care, share at least three of my videos privately or publicly with your recommendation and encourage them to subscribe to my channel, using this link
If you’re really not sure which of videos or content to share see these infographics
Recipe for Grandeur
Why Nootropics

Now this is partially my fault because unlike a lot of videobloggers, I don’t beg my audience every 7 minutes in my videos to share them. Which is apparently what you really need to do to go viral. So I’m not begging now, I’m just promising that if I don’t see my videos shared more I’m going to be producing less.

All of my Internet Marketer friends are telling me that if I really want to grow my income, instead of spending my time researching neurobiology, writing clever prose and creating cool multi media content I should be doing Facebook ads and retargetting campaigns.
If I see a lot of increased engagement with my video content, I’ll focus there, hire video production staff and produce cool mini-documentaries on a variety of topics that I think you’ll find really fascinating. If not I’ll take my friend’s advice or maybe I’ll go do the startup thing; raising obscene amounts of funny money selling my soul to venture capitalists.

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Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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