How to have terrible gut instincts

Recently someone asked me about better developing gut instincts or intuitions. Some might respond to this…

  • You need 10,000 hours of experience with something.
  • Practice your cold reading.
  • Take more risks.​​​​​​​
  • Get better sleep.
  • Pickup a hobby that involves more embodied cognition.

Well, I’ll give a Biohacking answer to this as opposed to a personal development answer…
The effectiveness of your gut instincts has a lot to do with the interplay between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which fall under the umbrella of the autonomic nervous system that we don’t really notice until it shoves us into a state of fight or flight.

One of my favorite Biohacking books, The Rhodiola Revolution, makes the point that when these systems are not functioning optimally it negatively effects our Hueristic decision making which is kind of fancy name for decisions or visceral lurching instincts that come from your gut. To quote the book:
“The vagus nerve also is a major conduit for mind-body interactions — so the next time you experience a “gut reaction,” you’ll know that your vagus is speaking to you.” (693–694)
A lot of times you hear really high performance people talking about how they owe a lot of their success to following their gut. Scott Adams on problem solving with your body as opposed to your mind
I’m thinking of these ideas and they’re flowing through my head, I’m monitoring my body; I’m not monitoring my mind. And when my body changes, I have something that other people are going to care about, too.” (p. 268)
Yet a lot of people who aren’t so successful blame their impulsiveness or poor instinctual decision making. I would assert that the difference between these two kinds of people is the elasticity of their respective nervous systems and this book explains a lot of strategies to improve this.

However, probably the two purest Biohacking strategies to achieve a more elastic nervous system are…
Supplementing Nootropic Adaptogens
Mediation or mindfulness practice
A recipe for bad gut reactions would being in a constant state of stress.

I’m going to become more active on two new social networks
You’re probably thinking…
Two MORE social networks to keep up with! That’s just what I don’t need!
Well, social networking (whether done in person or online) should yield an ROI, if it doesn’t you’re doing it wrong. In the past I’ve always gotten an ROI from being a new adopter of social networks. After social networks have been around for like a half a decade they consistently devolve into spam, ads and click bait but in the year or two of their existence you can actually meet people and have good conversations on them.

I’m on Twitter and recently I saw that my tweets had gotten 54.9K impressions in 28 days. Yet I only have like 600 followers. That seems oddly disproportional! And in the past month I don’t think I’ve had a single person tell me that they found me on Twitter. A key metric of mine is people reaching out and contacting me personally just to say
Thank you! Some of your content or videos helped me with a Biohacking challenge or goal…
Twitter is pretty useless in this regard. Facebook is a little better. Like many people I’m also growing increasingly wary of the disturbing trend of mainstream social media restricting some of the basic tenants of free speech. Gab.AI and are explicitly pro free speech. I feel very strongly about free speech and will support it with how I spend my time online. I hope you’ll do the same.

I haven’t made up my mind on the vaccine debate but it’s quiet telling that the pro-vaccine guys often refuse to debate the anti-vaccine guys. Case in point…
Can someone send me a video of an honest, robust long form debate between two doctors or medical professionals on this topic?

Tomorrow there maybe a Bitcoin hard fork which may destroy some of the value of Bitcoin. Now I’m sure that you’re smart enough that you wouldn’t use a cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle, but in case you’ve got some Bitcoin today would be a great day to spend it on something tangible. A few smart drug vendors that accept Bitcoin
AfinilExpress — I think the most credible vendor on the Internet of Modafinil and Armodafinil.
RUPharma — Based in Moscow offers some unique Nootropics and performance enhancers. — These guys are based out of the UK it looks like and they accept a Bitcoin for dozens of different Nootropics and supplements.

The Mandela Effect Demystified: The Malevolent Conspiracy that Explains it…
I’ve finally finished my long form animated videoblog about this intriguing example of cognitive bias and mass delusion. Please share it with the conspiracy junky in your life!

Nootropic Ingredients — A flowchart of Nootropics by category.
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