How to have terrible gut instincts

  • You need 10,000 hours of experience with something.
  • Practice your cold reading.
  • Take more risks.​​​​​​​
  • Get better sleep.
  • Pickup a hobby that involves more embodied cognition.

Gab.AI and

I’m going to become more active on two new social networks
You’re probably thinking…
Two MORE social networks to keep up with! That’s just what I don’t need!
Well, social networking (whether done in person or online) should yield an ROI, if it doesn’t you’re doing it wrong. In the past I’ve always gotten an ROI from being a new adopter of social networks. After social networks have been around for like a half a decade they consistently devolve into spam, ads and click bait but in the year or two of their existence you can actually meet people and have good conversations on them.

The Vaccine Question

I haven’t made up my mind on the vaccine debate but it’s quiet telling that the pro-vaccine guys often refuse to debate the anti-vaccine guys. Case in point…
Can someone send me a video of an honest, robust long form debate between two doctors or medical professionals on this topic?

Spend Your Bitcoin TODAY!

Tomorrow there maybe a Bitcoin hard fork which may destroy some of the value of Bitcoin. Now I’m sure that you’re smart enough that you wouldn’t use a cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle, but in case you’ve got some Bitcoin today would be a great day to spend it on something tangible. A few smart drug vendors that accept Bitcoin
AfinilExpress — I think the most credible vendor on the Internet of Modafinil and Armodafinil.
RUPharma — Based in Moscow offers some unique Nootropics and performance enhancers. — These guys are based out of the UK it looks like and they accept a Bitcoin for dozens of different Nootropics and supplements.

New Video

Updated Infographic:

Nootropic Ingredients — A flowchart of Nootropics by category.
Why Nootropics — A flowchart of Nootropics by effects desired. Viewed nearly 300,000 times! Give it a like or a share so it goes even more viral…
Recipe for Grandeur — A flowchart of Nootropics by category.



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Jonathan Roseland

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