I want to thank Medium Staff for something…

Something I really appreciate about Medium is that they don’t have this super progressive design ethos for the platform

With many of the large tech platforms they have this insane policy of progress just for the sake of progress — and a lot of times it’s not progress, it’s regress!

Google is probably the worst offender, they create these tools and features that are often pretty good, and I get used to using them and integrate them into my business processes as an internet entrepreneur and then out of the blue they kill them!

Youtube and Facebook are constantly tweaking the layout and shifting features around. About once a year I will launch a new brand or project and it’s always a mystery figuring out how to configure new accounts and pages.

Someone might say…

Well, those features and tools are free so you can’t complain when they take them away or change them!

Well, they are sort of free — we all know that we are the product being sold, when we use these tools. And secondly, I’d be happy to pay for some of these tools. For the longest time I’ve thought that I would totally pay an extra $10/monthly or whatever for a power user version of Youtube. I do for Vimeo. I pay like $50 yearly for Boomerang for Gmail, which makes me a power emailer.

I kind of understand why big tech has this development philosophy — they’ve been successful because they are aggressively innovative but there’s a fine line between innovation and just confusing your users. People appreciate consistency. Burger King is successful because it’s a consistent experience around the globe — it wouldn’t work if they were disruptively revamping and redesigning the burger every year. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

I’ve been on Medium since 2014 and the changes to the platform have been very subtle and pleasant…

  • No banner ads.
  • No invasive permissions requests.
  • No annoying popups.
  • No superfluous social networking features.
  • The clapping feature is cool.
  • The notifications are subtle and non-intrusive.
  • Medium did roll out this premium content, subscription model a while back which I think surprised people a bit BUT they didn’t shove it down our throats. I’m thinking about subscribing to Popular Science, as I had a paid subscription to the actual magazine when I was younger and loved reading it.

Remember when they rolled out that dumb green 3D techno-style M logo? They had the good sense to revert back to the classy classic M logo! Good call guys!

Keep up the good work Medium Staff!

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