If you have Wifi don’t eat before bed…

My wife once told me…

And I sort of shrugged it off because, for years, I’ve been doing a little snacking before bedtime, nothing egregiously unhealthy, usually some organic crackers with tasty pesto or sesame tahini, and I’ve always had a very lean body. It didn’t seem to result in me gaining any weight. I do regular intermittent fasting, I don’t eat anything until I have a late lunch in the afternoon, so I figured that the snacking was fine. I thought that “don’t eat before bedtime” was one of these oversimplified health tips like “salt is bad for you” that came out of the crappy mainstream nutrition “science” of the ’80s and ’90s.

Well, it turns out that my wife was right!

Dr. Mercola’s very thoroughly researched and footnoted recent book EMF*D, explains why in this age of unprecedented electromagnetic field irradiation, it’s especially good advice to refrain from eating for 3–4 hours before bed.

The book articulately breaks down the science validating the significant threat of the trillionfold increase in EMF radiation that we all face in modernity thanks to our Wifi routers, smartphones, computers, and myriad wireless devices along with the 4G and 5G telecom networks that blanket cities.

You might be thinking…

Well, you should read Dr. Mercola’s book as it documents the science done validating the concerns that many have about EMFs and 5G. It also explains how the Big Telecom companies have borrowed the same disinformation strategy that big tobacco used for 50 years to corrupt science and maintain the rediculous lie that smoking cigarettes was a benign habit or perhaps even “healthy”. You would also want to practice some critical thinking about human nature and ask “Cui Bono” — Who benefits? Who stands to make unprecedented profits from a global 5G rollout, they have all the incentive in the world to lie and corrupt science and our regulating agencies so Big Telecom can sell us a toxic product that few will say no to.

The good news…

Is that there are a few ways to mitigate and manage the toxicity of EMFs, I’m not asking you to repent from your sinful smartphone usage and swear to never use Wifi again. Unless you go resettle in the absolute middle of nowhere and live as a disconnected hermit, it wouldn’t even help that much because we are surrounded by other people using smartphones and most buildings where we spend our lives are flush with Wifi.
I’ll break down a few EMF protection lifehacks here…

Don’t eat before bed

Fortunately, our bodies have a system to repair damaged DNA, it’s called poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase or PARP — without it, you would have died of cancer by now. When EMFs or radiation from a leaky old microwave hit your DNA, it’s the PARP system that comes along and repairs it.

But PARP needs fuel to do its thing, and that would be the NADPH molecule, which is downstream of the well known NAD+ molecule. The book explains…

If you eat a large meal close to your bedtime there is simply no way for your body to burn those calories as energy, so it must store the calories by creating fat. This process consumes enormous amounts of NADPH. With your NADPH levels lowered this way, you will be unable to keep your antioxidants optimally recharged while you sleep. As a result, you will have far more oxidative damage from the free radicals that can’t be neutralized (due to low NADPH levels) than if you had eaten those calories earlier in the day. (p. 157)

Eating before bed costs NADPH that could be used to repair DNA damage, but your metabolism is first in line to use the NADPH. Evolution didn’t predict that we would have wireless Bluetooth smartwatches and Alexa devices so often there’s not enough gas left in the tank for PARP to repair our DNA daily.

If you RIGHTEOUSLY bang your wife like I do (or do something else that burns calories right before sleep), it is probably fine to indulge in some late-night snacking, but if you’re just going to lounge around and watch TV as most people do, your body has to put those calories into storage, converting them into fat, costing NADPH. A little fat isn’t going kill you (or even make you fat, as it didn’t with me), BUT if you’re concerned with EMF toxicity and you don’t want to give up all the convenience of all those marvelous wireless gadgets, it’s smart to give up the late-night snacking. Eat a filling dinner at 8 PM and then go to bed at midnight.

Turn off your Wifi at night

The next impactful lifehack that doesn’t require any sacrifice is turning your Wifi router off at night. Especially if your Wifi router is in your bedroom you are being irradiated by it all night as you sleep and it’s the one time of the day that you definitely don’t need internet access. If you sleep for about 8 hours a night and turn off your Wifi you cut down your EMF irradiation by at least 33%, more if you turn off your Wifi a little before bed, like I do, giving doing an “Internet fast” for at least one hour, while I read or do mediation. The book explains how this helps PARP function…

Minimizing your EMF exposure can radically increase your NAD+ levels, because when you are exposed to EMFs and your DNA strands break, PARP uses 150–200 molecules of NAD+ in an effort to repair that damage. (p. 156)

You’ll also probably notice that you sleep better with your Wifi off, as insomnia is one of the most common effects of EMF irradiation. The lifehack for this is to connect a power outlet timer to your Wifi that just cuts it off at 11 PM or whenever and then you could install an app that automatically puts your phone in airplane mode at the same time. I just switch off the power router connected to my Wifi router and my laptop when I’m done working in the evening.
So turn off your Wifi and turn ON your wifey, as I do.

What else should you do to fortify yourself to the harms of EMF radiation?

There’s an effective, safe, and affordable category of anti-aging supplements that makes a big difference, fueling your PARP system what it really needs. In my book review of EMF*D, I explain it in-depth, I’m going to start taking it because I’m not going to stop using wifi or my smartphone anytime soon and it wouldn’t help much even if I did because even with all my diplomatic persuasion skills, there’s NO way I’m convincing my neighbors to do likewise!

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