I’m disappointed in the lack of organization of right wing activism.

We see the left winning because they use effective activism tactics. Deplatforming, censorship, mass flagging of videos, attacking advertisers, false accusations, boycotting, divesting, sanctioning, etc

I follow a bunch of right-wing or libertarian brands/podcasters/thinkers and I VERY RARELY see anyone really try to organize meaningful activism.

  • I’d contribute money an organized short-selling of a company’s share price.
  • Give us a list of like 10 major companies with leftist inclinations to boycott and I’ll boycott them. Let’s rally around hashtags, name, shame and financially ostracize leftist companies.
  • I’d financially support lawsuits that are fighting for free speech.
  • I got a couple of my European friends to contact their MPs about trying to stop Article 11 and 13.
  • I’m not willing to risk my safety by going out to a protest BUT I’d send money to people are.

90% of what you see out of the right wing is just diagnosing, prescribing, whining, complaining and conspiracy theorizing; talking about why socialism doesn’t work, rehashing history, complaining about free speech, why mass immigration is bad, complaining about extreme degeneracy, etc

If I was a right-wing platform with massive influence this is what I would do, promote a meme contest; offer like a $1000 prize for the best meme (photo or video) designed that shames our enemies, like

Starbucks hates white people

Google hates free speech

It would generate a bunch of viral memes that would make these companies look really bad, especially in combination with a boycott.

Also, WHY are we still using our enemies’ systems?

I see right-wingers all the time getting enraged that they are kicked off Paypal or Patreon. That should be expected! Let’s stop feeding these bastards the credit card fees that they live off.

If I had a right-wing platform I would try to switch my whole ecommerce model over to cryptocurrency. There’s a couple of crypto subscription platforms that the right wing/libertarian would probably be willing to switch over to. If none of those work quite right approach one of the numerous cryptocurrencies startups and tell them that you’ve got bunch of potential users if they can develop the eCommerce tools needed.

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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