Only 8 hours sick in 12 years

My Biohacker review of Immune 26 Hyperimmune Egg — a surprisingly effective immune system fortifying supplement.

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This is actually one of the very first biohacking things I ever did back when I was like 17 or 18 years old. It’s an immune supplement that was quite transformative for me.

So it’s been like 12 years since I read up on the science of this product, but I will try to describe from memory its mechanism of action…

So chickens have this amazing immune system, I guess chickens are dirty, feral animals so they need a much more effective immune system and chickens pass these immunities to their chicks through the egg, obviously.
So some clever scientists exposed the chicken immunities to 26 different human pathogens, hence the name Immune26, and created this supplement that fortifies the human immune system.

I have an interesting anecdotal experience in regards to this supplement:
When I was a teenager, I was a pretty happy and healthy kid, but I would get sick with some normality, every couple of weeks I’d miss a day or two of school from being sick. It seemed to me that my mom and sister would get sick a lot and when they did sometimes I would catch the bug as well. Which I always thought was just normal…

Then my whole family started taking Immune 26 Hyperimmune Egg and we all stopped getting sick, it was a pretty acute effect — the supplement definitely worked for us.
However, the really interesting thing is that after about 6 months I completely stopped taking it and since then in the past 12 years I’ve spent a total of 8 hours sick.

A very few times I felt a little under the weather, I felt something coming on but I’ve always kicked the bug. With one exception, I haven’t been sick enough for it to disrupt my work, travel, exercise, or living the vampire life. Which is quite a stark contrast to my late teenage years when I would get sick with some regularity.
When I worked in corporate America, the only times I took sick days was when I was just hungover and didn’t want to come in to work.

Especially the past three years that I’ve been living abroad, my immune system has risen to the challenge. I’ve exposed myself, I’m sure to all kinds of interesting pathogens:

  • I’ve been slept in hostel dormitories next to sick people, innumerable times.
  • I’ve drunk water from the tap when I probably shouldn’t have.
  • I’ve eaten weird food.
  • I made out with strange women, in strange nightclubs, in strange cities, in strange countries.
  • I’ve stayed on tropical islands and gotten all kinds of mosquito and bug bites.
  • I’ve been a porque no? (Why not?) kind of guy…

The time I did get sick…

The first time I was coming back through Costa Rica, I was traveling for like 2 days straight, and just ate crappy fast food and I got legitimately sick. When I arrived home I was bedridden for 8 hours.
That’s the only time in the past 12 years I’ve been bedridden sick.

Now, I realize this kind of sounds like one of those too-good-to-be-true type anecdotal reports. This product has some good double-blind, placebo-controlled human studies done on it and the fact that it’s worked for me for 12 years is indicative that it’s not just a placebo effect and that it flipped the switch on something profoundly positive in my biology.

When I returned home to the states this time, I resumed taking it. Here’s another anecdote about the power of hyperimmune egg;
I had two days of international flights, during which I slept barely one hour. Upon arriving, exhausted and very hungry in Denver I discovered that two of the three family members I was staying with were quite sick with some bug, one of them had to go to the hospital. To add to the challenge I was throwing at my immune system, the day I arrived was my brother’s bachelor party. I’m not the kind of guy that ever turns down a bachelor party — much less my own brother’s — so I got about 3 hours of sleep in the afternoon, awoke with a troubling horse feeling in my throat, and went out to party. Sounds like a recipe for getting sick right? Well, I took some Immune26 and I managed to fend off whatever bug was plaguing my two family members and celebrate my bro’s last night of the single life!

The product its self is just a powder, that you can consume in your health shake or whatever, it tastes like eggs. Other than fortifying the immune system it doesn’t have any other very noticeable effects, although I think it makes you a little more energetic, especially in the mornings.

Most people who follow Limitless Mindset are interested in smart drugs and cognitive enhancers, which Hyperimmune egg is not — it’s one a completely different side of the Biohacking spectrum — but if this is something you guys find interesting, let me know and I will create a more detailed video, with the cool animations about its mechanism. For now, you’ll just have to read the scientific literature about it that I will link below this video.

It’s a networking marketing, MLM, pyramid-type business model which is usually something I hate and avoid having anything to do with, but in this case, the product has worked amazingly for me and it has some solid science behind it so I feel pretty good recommending it to…
Anyone who would like to get sick less.

It’s probably a really good idea for anyone that has young kids because as you know, your kids get sick from some other kid at school, they can’t go to school, then you have to stay home with them and they get you sick.
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