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Biohacker Review of Mind Lab Pro™: Good for verbal intelligence but…

I’ve been taking using Mind Lab Pro for a few weeks now. I’ve transitioned off Racetams for a few months, just for experimentation purposes and have been using Adaptogens daily which don’t imbue as much energy which Mind Lab Pro makes up for.

It’s quite good for verbal intelligence, I’ve used it a couple of times before I did my Biohacking consultations. I try to batch process my Biohacking consultations, I will do four or five 25 minute calls in an afternoon, and it’s important that…

One day I did 3 in the mid afternoon. I ran into some difficulties with the new multimedia editing software I was using and I noticed myself getting quite a bit more irritated than what is normal for me. I should note that this was after 2 coffees (drunken within a 4 hour period), so a reminder that even if I don’t feel really stimulated, stimulating Nootropics can affect mood.

The most I ever did in a day was five; two in the morning, I was in a generally happy and productive mood. Then the mid afternoon doldrums kicked in so I did two more. I’m experimenting with taking a mid afternoon break from work where I spend a chunk of time doing my personal development stuff; meditation, brain training and language learning.

It did nothing for my sleep deprivation. The next day I did two in the morning, two in the afternoon and had a barely productive day; like before I took a break in the mid-afternoon and proceeded to have a very mediocre meditation session, my attention was neurotic as opposed to focused. My brain training session was similarly mediocre.

While I’ve had an overall good experience on Mind Lab Pro for me it’s not a reliable cognitive enhancer and it wouldn’t be my go-to smart drug for a demanding project or day.

With these kinds of stacks I need to do 4–6 capsules a day to satisfy my stimulatory setpoint, so that’s at least 2 bottles a month. It’s certainly not cheap; two bottles is $130 — that’s like a friggin’ car payment (Not for a nice car but you could be rolling around in a brand new Civic for that!)

This stack was a reminder for me that the Racetams are on a different level as smart drugs. Stacks like this just don’t come close to the level of focus and imperviousness to distraction that the Racetams give me. If a product like Mind Lab Pro was the first Nootropic product I had ever tried, I would be pretty happy with it but after taking +60 smart drugs, I’ve became a bit of a snob and I just don’t think it’s a great value.

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