In 2020 Aspire to Antifragility

In 2020, I’ll urge you to devote yourself to becoming more antifragile. Here’s why…

If you follow my work, you’re probably pretty “red-pilled” (to use internet parlance) on the myriad challenges facing humanity. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that civilization is really breaking down, mostly it’s because our governments have just gotten way too big, fat and corrupt. In 2019, I read this fascinating book about genetics, At Our Wits’ End, which thoroughly explains how we’re entering into this Idiocracy era, intelligence is declining sharply in the developed “first world” nations — where you probably reside. History is cyclical and you were born into this era which echos the decline of the Roman Empire and the ensuing dark ages. The signs are abundant, to those paying attention, that we have just a few more years of living in this state of peak comfort, security, and prosperity.

The good news is that we can do something about this, this dark age doesn’t have to be a thousand years of barbarism, we have such a vast amount of information at our fingertips that we can avoid a lot of errors of history and we can personally take a lot of steps to prepare to live in a less comfortable world. How we can fortify ourselves for the historically rocky period that is approaching…

  • Immuno-antifragility — Like in the dark ages that you learned about in school, the real killer in the coming dark age, is going to be epidemics of disease — we are overdue for a major disease outbreak, like the Spanish flu. So I’m implementing all the immune hacks I can get my hands on. I’m stockpiling immuno-fortifying supplements and medicine.
  • Personal defense — Especially if you live in a big “diverse” city, you need to worry more and more about your personal safety. Prepare to exercise your right to defend yourself as much you legally can. Being in good shape, hitting the gym regularly and lifting weights will make you all the more prepared to deal with violence. You might not be able to get an AR-15 and stockpile ammunition like these badass American preppers do, but what about getting a good defensive breed dog?
  • Family and tribe — I spent years of my life as a proud individualist. My mission was maximizing my own novelty-seeking adventure and sustainable hedonism (within reason, I wasn’t like doing cocaine while jet skiing!) This sort of nomadic hedonist lifestyle makes you incredibly vulnerable. Now that I’m married, and have reprioritized family, I have a real support system around me.
  • Settle somewhere safe — I left my native Denver, Colorado (increasingly a liberal-S**thole city) and I’m now settled in a statistically very safe and relatively well-governed Eastern European country, not many will be able to make this kind of drastic change but if you live in a big cosmopolitan city, understand that things will get really crazy there if the just-in-time food shipping infrastructure, EBT “food stamps” system or over-leveraged electrical grid goes down for more than a few days.
  • Faith — One of the interesting things that At Our Wits’ End, explains is that during hard times religious people do a lot better. Religion gives you a team to be on that will stand up for you. It plugs you into a community that cares about you. I’ve read the books and am aware of all the arguments for atheism and the critiques of organized religion but they don’t outweigh the pragmatic benefits; people with faith are more connected to community, happier along with living longer and more meaningful lives in nearly every metric. Thus, I’m reconnecting with my Christian roots.
  • Abstain from vice — Your vices make your mind and body weak and vulnerable. Why not take 30, 60 or 90 days off alcohol (or porn, or whatever…?)
  • Financial antifragility — Last year, I started doing something I should have done a long time ago, I started saving money and investing in precious metals. After about 6-months of saving I was able to make a bunch of needed tech upgrades for my work. The smartest economists tell us that we are on the precipice of economic hard times, when the asset bubbles start popping, those who have invested in precious metals or even cryptocurrency will be doing a lot better than people who have invested in real estate or the stock market.

Sometimes I get accused of fearmongering when I urge people to aspire to antifragility. I’d love for the coming decades to prove me wrong but the more you study history and sober analysis of the state of the modernity, antifragility seems like it should be a priority. If I’m right, I’ll survive and even thrive in a historically exciting time. If I’m wrong, I’ll just have a lot of unused Potassium Iodide sitting in storage — that’s not so bad!

In the past, I was very enthusiastic about the transhumanist mission, that scientific progress would overcome death and disease and deliver us from suffering and human pettiness into this Star Trek world of civilizational enlightenment. A book I just finished has given me a more realistic outlook on this, Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions, is a real black pill (a grim truth) for those who are optimistic about medical science delivering us cures to disease. Modern science has been losing the war on cancer for nearly 50 years. Thanks to all our scientific advancement, people on average now live shorter lives. Modern science is mostly just a big scam on the taxpayer. But don’t despair! In this thorough book review, I share some guidelines for biohacking in this era of bad science.

As I read more of these books that credibly prophesize the devolution of civilization, I remark at how fortunate I was to be born in when I was in the year 1985, historically late enough to enjoy the tremendous opportunity and prosperity created by western civilization but early enough to see it start to break down and do something about it! I was born at just the right time to enjoy extraordinarily good health, if I was born a little earlier I would have spent decades eating toxic Wonder Bread, if I was born today, as a growing baby I’d be injected with 50–60 toxic vaccines, irradiated 24/7 by 5G EMFs and probably addicted to internet porn by age 9.

The Bane of Billion Dollar Bad Science [Rigor Mortis Book Review] — I read boring (yet important) books so you don’t have to — enjoy listening to the crucial takeaways from this serious warning about the sordid state of medical science.

Upcoming Biohacking-Call-in-Show

This Sunday, at 11AM EST, I’m going to be hosting a conversation here with the Castbox app which has a very easy to use livestream/call-in-feature, we’ll be talking some biohacking stuff, I want to hear from some of you what you’re working on in 2019 and then we’re going to be doing a special group meditation session together. We did this last Sunday and it was great connecting and chatting with some of you. Group meditation might sound pretty wuwu but there’s a special methodology we’ll be using works to stimulate epigenetic signaling, this is the next level of manifesting change — I’ll explain more in the live show on Sunday.

If you want to participate in that you’ll need to block off a full 50 minutes to meditate with us. You’ll also need to take a few minutes to fill out this form here.

Does this antifragility thing strike a chord with you? Are you into prepping? Or does it seem totally crazy?

Rigorously researching,

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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