Introducing Myself…

In this podcast I’d like to introduce myself, my story and my values

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Why listen to this LONG podcast

It may seem just a bit self aggrandizing and narcissistic to devote an +2 hour podcast to introducing myself but there’s a couple of really good reason’s why I think it will be worth a listen…

  1. I listen to a lot of podcasts or follow Youtubers that are interesting and informative BUT if I don’t know the personal story, background and biases of the person teaching me I’m lacking real crucial context for what they have to say.
    For example, there’s a philosopher I follow, Stefan Molynuex who has a great podcast and books and he as a child had a really terrible, abusive relationship with his mother — So I know that everything he says comes through that filter.
    The book Atlas Shrugged has a totally new dimension of meaning if you know Ayn Rand’s personal story of escaping hell on earth in the murderous soviet union
    If you think about your favorite author’s, the books you find yourself most engrossing, by the authors that you most enjoy reading are probably people who you know their background and story well.
    If we are going to have this relationship of me being in your earbuds or on your screen frequently, I’d like you to get to know me really quite intimately.

2) I’m going to intimately discuss my values. Values are important, if we share some fundamental values then there’s a lot more that we can learn from each other. If our values are fundamentally different, there’s LESS that we can learn from each other. I’d encourage you to not waste your time with me and go learn this biohacking/lifehacking stuff from someone else whose values are more closely aligned with your values.
For example, recently I found this guy named Richard Hoagland, who has some kind of fringe but extremely fascinating theories about science, history and astronomy (which I’ll describe later on in this podcast). I was just having like this novelty induced mindgasm while I was listening to his ideas. So I listened to hours of his videos and podcasts and in doing so learned that his political values were quite different than my own. Knowing that he has a fundamentally different world view than me, one that I think is wrong and disproven makes me somewhat skeptical of his theories about science, history and astronomy. I don’t totally throw his ideas into the intellectual rubbish bin because he’s in a different political tribe than me BUT it provides me with a revealing context for his ideas.
So I think values are not totally set in stone, my values are still kind of fluid and plastic but I don’t think I’m going to change my mind on any really big things. I remain somewhat open minded BUT I’m not going to go 180 degrees on any of these. I bet that in 50 years I’m still going to believe in the free market, free speech, coconuts and taking smart drugs.

3) At 32 years old, I think now is a pretty good time to do this mini autobiography in audio format. I’m young enough that I can relate to all the millennials and even teenagers but I’m old enough that I can relate to Gen-Xers. I grew up while technology and the Internet was flipping everything on it’s head. So the world where we went to the library instead of doing a Google search to learn things and where we wrote letters as opposed to emails is NOT totally foreign to me.

4) Finally, I have a pretty interestingly personal story — I’ve seduced a politician’s daughters in Colombia. I’ve hung out with spies in Kiev, Ukraine. I’ve almost died twice underwater. I’ve caught on fire (quite literally) during a first date.

I don’t think my story will bore you!

Discussed in this podcast

1:44 Why listen
3:39 My values
7:40 Seduction
22:18 Christianity
29:50 Son of the west
35:40 Entrepreneurship
Live Fast. Die Young
44:22 Biohacking
Why Nootropics Flowchart
Lifehacking Ethical Hedonism
59:15 Travel
Deported from Colombia
Berlin vs Medellín
I met a spy in Kiev
Viviendo en Valencia
Seducing Sofia (Bulgaria)
1:40:15 Other cultures
1:47:10 Dancing
1:52:13 Uncomfortableness
2:03:55 Reading
Memoir From Antproof Case (my favorite novel)
Book Review of Graham Hancock’s historical fiction series War God
Pitch Anything (Full Review)
Think and Grow Rich
Waking Up
Head Strong
2:12:06 Mindfulness
Heartmath emWave
Dual N-Back
2:16:30 Politics & Ideology
Debating for Trump in Kiev
Richard Hoagland
2:32:04 Transhumanism
The Transhumanist Wager
2:37:47 Limitless Mindset Secret Society

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I’m an intellectual dissident

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Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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