Is cryptocurrency investing like dating a stripper?


With Satoshi Aoki, I discuss crypto debit cards, gold-backed cryptos, success mindset, and why crypto investing is sort of like dating a stripper that will grow up to become the Queen of England.

He’s a real cryptocurrency maven that I follow on Youtube. Defying the stereotypes about vegans being low-energy, he puts out witty videos that succinctly analyze different coins, trends, and tools. Among them, Aurus, a gold-backed crypto, that I bought on his recommendation.

We discuss
3:00 Crypto credit cards
15:33 His crypto origin story
24:56 The psychology of success with crypto
33.53 Get sunk-cost working for you
40:48 Gold-backed cryptos: GSX vs AWG
49:52 Managing the emotional-rollercoaster relationship with crypto
1:10:00 The best way to start building a crypto nest egg

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