Is LADASTEN [BROMANTANE] the “Lada” of Russian drugs?

Bromantane was developed in the 1970s in the Research Institute of Pharmacology (Russia), Bromantane was the first pharmaceutical of its kind that could exhibit simultaneously both mild psychostimulating and anxiolytic effects.

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  • Increase Physical Stamina
  • Relieve Anxiety / Improve Sleep
  • Elevates & Stabilizes Mood
  • Boost Memory, Focus & Concentration
  • Non-Toxic & Non Habit Forming
  • Neurastenia (exhaustion of the central nervous system’s energy reserves).
    One pack of Ladasten ® contains 25 or 50 pills, each with 50 mg of the active ingredient; one pack is sufficient for approximately 5–10 days of administration.


This is a smart drug that I’ve heard described in quite grandiose terms from veteran Biohackers with a little higher risk tolerance. From an experienced Nootropics user in my inner circle:

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