I’ve seen the rise and fall of several of these alt-tech platforms so perhaps I can offer you some feedback.

The REALLY crucial part of the platform is the upload/import function — this is one thing that vid.me got right, there was a push button function to import videos from Youtube.

Bitchute currently has a function to auto import from Youtube which I appreciate BUT their upload function is really buggy. I stopped trying to upload my videos to their platform.

D.Tube in my view has the MOST potential because of the steemit monetization option for creators to get paid BUT they have their upload function is similarly buggy! I tried a bunch of times to upload some of my best Youtube videos to their platform and it always failed. Also apparently they don’t accept high res videos over a certain size. D.Tube is not ready for primetime.

Real.Video has potential if you can get the upload/import function to work right.

I’ll also suggest a business model for Real.Video, several years ago Youtube teased a genius business model which I wish they would have implemented; in-video shopping. Allow for people to purchase products while watching a video that are recommended or portrayed in the video.

Youtube’s original plan was to implement this function to compete with Amazon as an eCommerce platform.

It would require a bit of advanced web development BUT it would really pay off!

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