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I’ve started doing something new (seeing as it’s the new year) I’ll be answering some of the Biohacking and lifehacking questions I get in the Q&A podcasts you’ll find below.

re/Diet supplementsResource

Nicotine USP Solution

Ethical Hedonism? = Self Deception How would you discover that this is true?
Lifehacking Ethical Hedonism: Make Good Decisions on Autopilot & Be the ROCKSTAR Forever

Does it have any adverse effects on the libido or ability get or keep am erection?

I don’t respond to Modafinil I’ve tried it many many times. I also got a genetic test showing that I had both defective copies of a COMT gene which correlates to responsiveness to modafinil. I have SEVERE ADHD and I’m really disappointed that modafinil doesn’t work for me.
Piracetam Protocol

hey jonathon i love watching your videos, you have taught me a lot about bio hacking, life etc. is there anyway i can see your daily stack?

what are your thoughts about fasting, high fat diest low carb and sugar?? i have been reading a it increase mental focus, more time gaining in not cooking many meals a day, and other hormone benefits, i think that can relate very good to a limitless mindset, i am applying by myself with very good results but i wanna know your opinion.
My $1 Diet Lifehack: Coconuts

Re/Modafnil It’s perfect if you get a puppy or have a baby and aren’t able to sleep through the night for months at a time.

You dont have a reverse omosis water filter didnt you know fluride decreases iq and accumulates in thr pineal gland.
Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Abstract In total, we identified 27 eligible epidemiological studies with high and reference exposures, end points of IQ scores, or related cognitive function measures with means and variances for the two exposure groups.
Thus, children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas.
Conclusion: The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment.
I asked about this here on Longecity

Thanks for your reply I have great trouble sleeping at night and I was looking for something to boost my energy during the day and help with my anxiety. Any recommendations?

Hello Jonathan
I’ve read your articles regarding Dual-n Back and your experience with the game and I have a question regarding your experience: — do you have a strategy playing the game or you just try to stay focus with all
I want to begin to use this tool and I am clueless regarding this aspect. Some people say that you should use a strategy, other sugests the intuition aspect, others say that you just focus.
I would like to hear your opinion, if you have the time!

hey Johnathan, so after a year of having it, ive just finished my first 100g jar of phenibut from LiftMode. I will be purchasing more this week from another vendor to try out next. I just waned to ask if you have any other recommendations on other drugs I should get? I loved everything about phenibut but I was most surprised at how well it actually worked. I was taking 2.0–2.5g per dose with GREAT effects. Do you know of any other drugs that work as good as phenibut? I’m looking to experiment with new things so im not necessarily looking for something with the same effects but just something new that actually does work so I don’t feel like I wasted my money. your advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you for making these videos!!
The Adaptogens

How do you recommend one to take Piracetam with Alpha GPC (i.e what alpha gpc dosage relative to piracetam)? Is it recommended to take Alpha GPC everyday?


Hi Jonathon, I love your youtube channel. Ive been taking modafinil and armodafinil on and off for 3 years now. It is by far the best nootropic Ive tried so far, the last year Ive been on 1/8 armodafinil tab 4 or 5 days a week with outstanding results. Today I got a serious rash on my whole back and both legs, I think this is an allergic reaction, perhaps even a small steven johnson syndrome, and I got so scared I went to the hospital. The rashes disappeared after a couple of hours but now I dont really want to risk taking this substans anymore. Racetams works pretty well on me too but not even close to what moda does for me. Do you have any other suggestions that I can try, could adderal work as an alternative?Resources

Caballo a Modafinil Alternative


Thanks man. Your explain well. I am curious about taking coffee with adrafinil. I remember reading somewhere that it is a very bad combination and affects your liver terribly, but can’t seem to find that site anymore. Do you know anything about this? By the way, for me the worst tasting nootropic is centrophenoxine. YUCK !!

Johnathan Roseland how’s it going? I definitely share some interests with you and would love to talk soon. On a short question, I was wondering if you have anything to say about I’m thinking about ordering from them tonight. I’ll probably go ahead and order and I’ll let you know if they’re a worthwhile vendor.

I’ve enjoy you last several articles a lot. I’ve become especially interested in the idea of male contraceptive…if anything I’d probably treat it like the “pull-out” method…being a Russian roulette method of sorts. Therefore, it would just be something to help my odds. Unless of course, it ends up working well and provable. So have you found any good way of measuring the results? I was thinking I would have a look at my swimmers under a microscope before I begin the process. I know you can buy test kits but they’re a bit pricey and seem to be quite unreliable. What are your thoughts?
Herbal Birth Control

This website has +400 pages of information demystifying Lifehacking, Biohacking and Smart Drugsthat’s kind of an overwhelming amount of information. As soon as you join the Limitless Mindset Community (It’s free!) we give you instant access to an interactive infographic which visually breaks the widely disparate topics we cover in exhaustively in our articles, videos and podcasts.

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