Joomla Is The Best Content Management System

Why Joomla…

Limitless functionality possibilities
Search engine friendly
Intuitive interface and content management
Open Source for lean development
Quite simply, there’s not much that can’t be done with Joomla.

Open Source for lean development

Joomla is Open Source meaning that it is free and pre-programmed to meet your goals, this saves us a huge amount of time and money in creating powerful, functional websites.

Our web development philosophy is the opposite of “reinventing the wheel.” Over 12 years and +250 websites built we know which Open Source functionality extensions work most reliably to accomplish specific goals promptly.

Intuitive interface and management

Included with the web design we teach our clients to manage and update their websites. Our clients frequently praise Joomla as an intuitive and easy-to-use system, going as far as saying, “It’s easier than using than Facebook!”

Multi-Media Content

Static sites and blocks of text will turn OFF your visitors. Our sites are made of rich multimedia content, an exciting combination of interactive photo galleries, widgets, videos, text, flash animations, visuals, songs, and audio files.

Search engine friendly

If SEO and search engine rankings are important Joomla is the content management system you will want to use. Joomla structures websites for maximum visibility in the search engines. Joomla is praised internationally for generating SEO-friendly URLs, visibility of metadata, and good load times. Our consistent experience in 12 years of using Joomla has been that sites rank quickly.

eCommerce Solutions

Shouldn’t you be making money on the internet?

Whether it’s a simple online storefront to sell your products and services, a paid-subscription membership system, affiliate marketing, or a complex multi-vendor online marketplace, we do eCommerce.

Ecommerce is one of the most effective ways a business can make money, here’s why…

  • You can automate all aspects of your business model (marketing, sales, deliverables, etc).
  • Completely trackable; never again wonder if your marketing budget is being misspent.
  • Drastically decreases your business overhead; from requiring no employees to eliminating the need to rent retail or office space.
  • Servicing eCommerce customers takes on average 2% of the time it takes to service walk-in customers.

Roseland Digital offers eCommerce solutions for the following…

  • Advertising and sponsor-supported sites.
  • Clothing and accessory retailers.
  • Online product sales.
  • Downloadable content sites.
  • Premium video or media content platforms.
  • Electronics retailers.
  • Event and ticket sales.
  • Subscription-based sites.

Shopping carts and payment processors we work with

And many more…

Online marketplaces

A development niche we are specialized in is the creation of online marketplaces; where multiple-vendors or small businesses can create storefronts (micro-sites) in your online “mall.” This uses an advanced eCommerce system that automatically directs funds to the vendors after transactions occur.

Subscription-Based Memberships

Many eCommerce business models are predicated on users paying monthly or yearly subscription fees in exchange for premium content, special download access, premium functionality, or social interaction access. Great for…

  • Software download sites.
  • Dating sites.
  • Informational Resources sites.
  • Sites for professionals or industry information destinations.

Banner ads and cost-per-click systems

Many businesses small and large understand that the internet is the place to spend their marketing budget, many do it in the form of banner ads or site sponsorships. There are 3 primary ways this is set up…

  • Cost Per Impression — the advertiser pays you X amount for every time their banner makes an “impression” on a visitor to your site.
  • Cost Per Click — the advertiser pays you X amount for every visitor on your site that clicks their ad and visits their site.
  • Cost Per Conversion — the advertiser pays you X amount for every time a user from your site clicks their banner ad, visits their site, and purchases something from them.

We can set up a system to track all of this data along with billing, charging, or invoicing your advertisers.

Affiliate marketing networks

Are you an affiliate marketer? Or do you have an offering that is distributed or marketed by affiliates? With Joomla, we can build an online affiliate system for you to monitor and manage the network. Great for…

  • Multi-level and network marketing businesses.
  • Health products websites.
  • Online money-making systems websites.

Tracking and analytics

What makes eCommerce such a superb business model is the precision with which you can plan and track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns. The depth of analytics data can be truly astounding, info such as…

  • Where is your website traffic coming from? Search Engines? Blogs? Social media sites? Other websites?
  • When are they coming to your site? How long are they staying?
  • What are people searching for on your website?
  • “Cart-abandons” — why are they happening? Win these customers back with automated follow-up emails.
  • And much more!


Sites and applications built to appear on the screen of smartphones, devices, or tablets.

Coding is optimized and functionality is streamlined for fast loads times due to slower internet connections of devices.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years you know all about the massive trend toward smartphone usage and mobile browsing.

Example: MarketplaceGOLD — An online directory of businesses accepting cryptocurrency

With 10%-25% of your website traffic coming from iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, mobile responsiveness should be a priority for your website. This is one area where Joomla really excels. Your Joomla template will responsively adapt its dimensions, buttons, and layout for a sharp appearance and fast load times on mobile devices.

  • What about updating your Joomla device away from your computer? There are excellent bridge apps that allow you to update and manage your Joomla website from your iPhone or Android device.
  • Interesting in bridging your Joomla website to a consumer iPhone or Android App? Checkout out our Open Source app development services.

Social Media Integration

Face the future, the internet is social and your website should be too.

We add social media links, create social share links, discussion forums, chat rooms, Twitter feeds, blog promotion, and more. We can even create a custom social network specifically for your site.

The social media world is huge — the marketing opportunities are limitless. As opposed to being an isolated destination our clients’ sites are the epicenter of a balanced internet presence. We place listings, pages, and micro-sites for your brand on over 30 of the most popular sites on the internet. Including social media sites, internet yellow pages, and search engines. These pages imbue credibility and drive traffic back to your page.

Limitless functionality possibilities

There are over 6,000 Joomla functionality components or extensions allowing tremendous functionality options on your website; eCommerce, multi-media content, social media integration, directory listings, user account tools, and much more. Whatever you can imagine your website needing to do, there’s probably an extension for it.



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