I’ll be answering some of the July Biohacking and lifehacking questions in the Q&A podcast below.


What you find on this website is NOT medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m just an experienced unlicensed self-experimenter practicing free speech in talking about my own extensive experiences and my interpretations of published science. Please see my guide on How to Biohack Smart and Safe. You should consult a doctor about any biohacking you’re doing and ideally, also get a second opinion.


I really wanted to take NAC because I found a good study indicating it was quite effective in chelating methylmercury from the brain and I had eaten too much large type fish over the years which is majorly contaminated with this neurotoxic chemical form of mercury. I also found several studies indicating it has a positive effect on increasing telomeres via its antioxidant effect. However, I had two unusual side effects I had not seen reported elsewhere, which included achy joints all over, a stiff back, and my tongue looked sore and rather geographic (indentations and fissures) that almost looked like it was going to bleed. We only seem to know the positive biochemical pathways for example with increased glutathione production or increased detoxification but I wonder why they have not yet figured out the negative pathways, for instance when a person develops a geographic tongue or so me of the more common side effects that others have developed such as skin rashes.


I like taking NAC daily. My therapist recommended it for me because I suffer from depression/anxiety , Liver disease called NASH. The only con I have with NAC is it gives me a body odor. I apologize if this is too much information…. But, it makes my bowel movements and flatulence smell stronger. Do you have any suggestions that might help me with these issues? Thanks for your help.


just read your article on NAC. I’ve been taking 3600mg and my ALT is elevated (always) and my first glutathione test is under the reference range. Any idea what could be going on? I don’t see my doctor for 6 weeks and I’m doing my own digging.
I’m not saying I’ve been saintly to my liver but when I look around at my peers there’s no other liver I would trade for. I’ve also made great strides in my gut bacteria with tests to back it up. Seems like conversion should be ok. Maybe I’m using a lot of glutathione?


You know anything about the 40hz light/sound and being used to reduced plaques in the brain? (i know mice/rats are not the best way to model humans, well except for behavior!) Is there currently any non-invasive ways to measure plaque in the brain? The research hinted something about restoring gamma waves in the brain. I thought gamma waves in the brain operated around 20–70hz, why 40hz? Is there a way to measure what hz rate is “normal” for our/your brain and sync the light to that? Or is going up/down off that rate better? I was trying 40hz light/sound off youtube and was aware of some changes in my brain but I have no way to measure or know what they are. They seemed positive but that could just be placebo rationalization kicking in. Also some “geek”(god bless her/him) pointed out in a comment that on most monitors you can not get a 40hz flicker, true/not true? Thanks for any thoughts or feedback on this.





Try it: https://gammalighttherapy.com/

Before nootropics, you may be interested in maintaining your brain through right nutrition. I always considered nutrition to be more important than supplementation. You don’t put performance fuel into an old and destroyed old car… the best nutriment you can also consider taking as a supplement is definitely omega 3 and a few other things like zinc, magnesium etc. Once you have a reasonably well working brain you can try to boost its performances.

I was thinking which 6 ingredients would you combine in a single stack?


The Racetams: Piracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam, Noopept, Magnesium, Tyrosine

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There are a few important reasons we split the time up into two calls

  • It’s a significant motivation hack for you to follow through on the biohacking habits and plan we’ll outline because you’re accountable to me in 30 or 60 days.
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  • It timeboxes us with a deadline in 30 or 60 days for you to make improvements and accomplish your goals.

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