I’ll be answering some of the June Biohacking and lifehacking questions in the Q&A podcast below.


1. How do you start taking the Piracetam? In your video, you mixed the Piracetam in your tea.

2. How do I add the other nootropics? Is better to them in a capsule?

3. You mentioned that I have to use a milligram scale to measure or would it suffice just to eyeball them?

4. Should I take it everyday?

5. Can I take other supplements like Tongkat Ali while taking the Piracetam Protocol?

6. How long should I be on the protocol before I cycle?

7. Can I transition to Social Anxiety Protocol since it also contains Piracetam?

8. Can I take other racetams like Pramiraceram along with Piracetam to maximize my verbal fluency?

The Piracetam Protocol

Yes, but our ancestors are dead. And with respect to ageing and longevity (aren’t our most important issues?) we haven’t done much if anything at all. Lots of research on mitochondria, how to kill cancer, to tell you the truth, just seeing what they try to do, for me at least, makes no sense. It’s the wrong approach.
And to prove it, I can point anyone, to the end result, what’s really is happening along with the current mainstream belief. That is you age, get sick and die while “health experts” call it a natural thing. So much like our ancestors, you can understand where we’re heading.
Do you know De Grey’s diet? You would think for someone who’s so determined to find solutions to these fundamental problems, lifestyle would be of essence. It is not.
Anyways, I should be a bit more focused, I would say, it’s a good article with valuable info and ideas but hard to verify. For various synthetic nootropics mentioned, it’s impossible to verify or test because of lack of access. As you are aware there are various restrictions in place, depending where you are and I tend to stay well away of controlled substances, including prescription drugs.
For the rest of supplements, herbs etc, which can be obtained, have you used methods that demonstrate a consistent outcome, in a reasonable timeframe (other than how you felt). For example if you use a blood pressure instrument before and after taking a garlic based supplement and record its readings. You could then compare it with an expected value and verify whether a study has merit or not for yourself. It’s something I don’t see often happening.

The Nutritionally Deficient Diet Guru

Watching the last 3 videos. Plz don’t turn into a commercially controlled channel. Your the only person online that I trust online for reliable information.

not related to oxitocyn, but since u showed clips of a salsa , what would u recommand as nootropics before a salsa night ? :)


bro, what about skin care? how do u stop d skin from aging???


Do you prefer coluracetam or fasoracetam for motivation?

More about Coluracetam

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