Kratom vs Nootropics

Biohacker Review of Kratom: A blunt performance enhancer

will compare it to Racetams and other smart drugs I’ve tried, which is not exactly an apples to apples comparison but I think it will be helpful to a lot of people reading this.

I did a very detailed article quoting and citing what the recent human scientific research is saying about Kratom, it’s actually a little contrary to probably a lot of other things you are reading online about Kratom. You should definitely check that out before using Kratom.

Here’s my thoughts on a few of the different strains

White Vietnam — Probably my favorite white strain… The first time I burned 2 grams and didn’t find it particularly energizing. Another time I upped the dosage to 4 grams, that produced a noticeable boost in energy comparable to a lower dosage of Racetams for several hours. Indeed it does create a strong desire to work! At higher dosages, it does create a sensation of optimism about the world for 2–4 hours, I can see how this may be very helpful for people wrestling with depression.

White Maeng Da — This strain is supposed to be very energizing, like coffee, but I didn’t really experience this.

Red Vietnam — Also relaxing but not as acute of an effect. I meditate before going to sleep, one night after consuming some Red Vietnam I got into a really cool meditative state, kind of a low level flowstate like the one I got into using the emWave2 after smoking marijuana.

Red Vein Thai — Awesome for relaxation and inducing drowsiness. I burn some before sitting down to read for 30–60 minutes before bed. It definitely makes me tired, I had a little bit of trouble meditating in bed before sleep.

Red Vein Maeng Thai — I feel a little less drowsy and more clear headed on this one but nonetheless tranquil. Which makes it ideal for reading and listening to music, one of my favorite things.

Red Vein Maeng Da Malay — Induces kind of a cool sensation in my nasal cavity… Also good for bedtime.

Gold Borneo — I burned some of this strain one afternoon and I found it detrimental to my productivity and I had a dip in my brain training scores. I got distracted from my web development frequently by social media. I had to take some Caffeine+Theanine to pep myself back up!

Green Maeng Da Borneo — Kratom is rich in antioxidants and supposedly a potent immune booster; I can attest to this, I think it actually protected me from getting quite sick.

Perhaps I would have had some more exciting effects if I had done Kratom at higher dosages.
Usually with performance enhancers or Nootropics I try them at a really wide range of dosages, I take higher dosages for the sake of experimentation, however Kratom is one of the very few things I’ve consumed that has a body of scientific literature recommending against this — people have actually died of Kratom intoxication (in combination with other drugs) — so I kept the dosages low.

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It’s actually kind of a pain to consume or ‘burn’ — the traditional ways of consuming Kratom are to eat the leaves, smoke it or drink it as a tea. So the first couple of times I measured it out with my digital scale and then dumped it in this big ass coffee mug I have and boiled it in water. It would have been nice for Island Lion Herbals to include some little measuring spoons, but I already have a bunch from the other Nootropics I do. Now, as you can see, Kratom is this fine, green powder that is really easy to make a mess with! I was constantly cleaning it off my microwave, kitchen counters, digital scale and my big ass mug!
Also, you always need to brush your teeth after using Kratom, so it’s not like Phenibut or L-Theanine that you can let dissolve in a glass of water that you drink leisurely while you are reading before bed and then just leave the glass on the nightstand and drift off to sleep. You need to get up out of bed, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and then go to the kitchen and wash your big ass mug.

My video review of Kratom is a great example of why I’m not a huge fan of it; I had been burning white strains all afternoon and as you can see I’m not quite my normal, witty self, in fact I’m a bit awkward in front of the camera.

Island Lion Herbals is now out of business which typifies the Kratom biz; lots of faceless fly by night operators with ecommerce websites which fail to prove the quality or purity of their products.

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I urge Biohackers to instead use Adaptogenic herbs (which offer many of the same benefits that Kratom ostensibly does) from credible vendors that rigorously test their products and provide certificates of analysis.

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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