Lifehacking Language Learning: Tools, Tech & Charm

Listen to podcast: Lifehacking Language Learning: Tools, Tech & Charm 🎙️ Limitless Mindset Podcast #30

Along with how to be charming in a language you barely know and I finish up by sharing two awesomely embarrassing moments of culture shock.

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In this episode we discuss

  • Remembering Your Dreams Made Easy with Evernote
  • For those learning Spanish: Episode #13 Travel Hacking Central America, has more lifehacks specifically for Spanish.
  • The relationship between Neuroplasticity, language learning, and personal development.
  • The perisylvian cortex of the left hemisphere of the brain.
  • Why total immersion is not enough to master a language.
  • Smartphone apps for accelerated language learning
  • Solving the inefficient learning process:
  • Memory systems for foreign language grammar and vocabulary
  • The importance of memory system visualization rules while using SuperMemo.
  • Dual N-Back brain training for working memory and focus.
  • Jonathan’s Spanish visualization rules.
  • Anchoring associations to break through social language ‘glass ceilings’
  • Daily cognitive training regimen.
  • What I learned from a Brazilian about languages and emotional tonality.
  • How to be charming in languages you barely know.
  • Charming and friendly sayings in 12 different languages.

Language learning infographics

William Campbell’s Recommendation on LinkedIn

“I have been abundantly blessed by Jonathans Podcast, Limitless Mindset. As a sales professional, I am always on the look out for innovative ways to improve my approach, my ethics, my habits etc. His podcast are always very practical and helpful in these areas and I would recommend them to any professional. Not every podcast may apply to you, but surely most will!”

Self Monitoring, Keeping Your “Head In the Game,” and Dual N-Back

My 10-Year Adventure 🗺️

Paul van Dyk feat. Caligola — “If You Want My Love (Niels von Ahorn Remix)

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