Lifehacks for Maximizing Sexual Hedonism

Few men (or women) will experience, either in intensity or frequency, sex that powerfully infuses the rest of their life with zest and vigor.

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Using Porn. Why No FAP…

If you’re a man you’re going to need to choose between having a rowdy sex life and enjoying porn — sorry, you don’t get to have both. So much of our motivational psychology is just a manifestation of our selfish genes trying to get into the next generation. When you masturbate frequently with your own hand you deprive yourself profoundly of natural male aggression and zest for life.

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  1. If you can go for 2 weeks, try going for a whole month. This amount of time gives your brain the time to start reprogramming its arousal system. 30 days of no fapping is a lot easier to accomplish if you drink no alcohol that month. So it’s better to just plan to abstain from both simultaneously.
  2. Then try going for 60 or 90 day blocks of No fapping. Once you develop this kind of discipline you’ll find that when you finally do use porn it’s kind of boring and uninspiring.
  3. If you keeping practicing discipline and doing the kinds of things described in this article eventually you’ll get into an intimate relationship with a virtuous person who you’re enjoying sex with regularly and then there’s not much reason to watch porn — in fact, it will likely hurt your performance in bed!
  • Eating pizza is a cheap yet consistent pleasure that doesn’t last long.
  • Eating pizza every day is a bad idea that will make you profoundly unhealthy and generally unmotivated.
  • You can eat pizza about once weekly but you won’t be in ideal health.
  • You could eat pizza once monthly and still be very healthy.
  • You could eat pizza just a few times yearly and be excellent health and not really miss pizza.
  • You could completely give up pizza and replace it with a less pedestrian pleasure that gives you greater gastronomical enjoyment.

The sexiest piece of furniture that I ever owned (and grew to hate…)

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No-BS Supplements for Stellar Sex

Horny Goat Weed has a hard (Pun intended!) earned reputation, as an erection enhancer. This funnily named herb is a gamechanger for maximizing sexual hedonism and imbuing healthy masculine aggression and zest for life. While it has this effect in men of all ages, it’s a particularly effective agent for dealing with erectile dysfunction. To this effect it’s fast-acting, according to one user:

Diet also makes a difference…

  • You want to increase circulating nitric oxide before sex so get a lot of red beets on your plate.
  • Anything that includes testosterone promoting nutrients is good so broccoli for the Magnesium and shellfish for the Zinc.
  • Alcohol is anti-boner sauce, if you want to have great sex after drinking alcohol you should take an extra dose of the supplements mentioned and implement the sex hacks discussed.

Herbal Birth Control

While the purpose of sex is procreation we do it for recreation, once you start having sex frequently with someone special you need to start thinking seriously about parenthood. If this person is not the right partner to form a family with or if you’re not ready to be a parent you need to implement birth control. No birth control is guaranteed to work — life finds a way. A significant portion of human beings on this planet is totally unintentional side effects of a man and woman who were just trying to have a good time together. The mainstream contraceptive options are far from guaranteed to be effective and they can have some nasty side effects (mostly for the woman), thus I’d urge you to research and use herbal birth control.

Tantra is not BS

Tantric practice is how you up your sex game — If you want a woman to really treat you like a king, you’re going to need to really spike her Oxytocin — the love hormone — which you could do the way I did by actually taking exogenous Oxytocin with my girl but it’s a lot more fun to do it the old fashioned way — making sure she orgasms during sex. If your woman experiences more orgasms than she’s accustomed to with you Oxytocin will make her quite addicted to you.

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  • Practicing the tantric breathing techniques.
  • Practicing masturbating (WITHOUT porn) and holding back from ejaculating.

Recommended Reading

Think and Grow Rich — The classic personal development book. Chapter 11 is about how sex drive is intertwined with the rest of life. That chapter is worth reading!

What if you don’t have anyone to DO IT with…?

Some single guys reading this may be thinking…
This multi-orgasmic tantra/biohacking sex stuff is VERY interesting but I don’t have anyone to do it with…

  • Late nights. If you’re going to take this pickup artist thing seriously you have to be prepared to stay till closing time at bars and clubs — so 2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM or even later.
  • Club girls. I’m not so jaded and cynical as to say that it’s impossible to meet quality girls at clubs but it’s unlikely you’ll meet someone at a club that you would want to be in a long term relationship with. You want to make sure you’re having very safe sex with anyone you meet at a club. Clubs are great places to pick up a venereal disease.
  • Drunks and smokers will surround you; you’re going to have to deal with a lot of stupid, obnoxious people to get what you want.
  • Short term relationships. Most of RSD’s teaching is focused around short term relationships, the same night lay. Which I’m not really morally opposed to but pragmatically the best social science indicates that being in a long term relationship is the most healthy arrangement for both men and women, whereas serial short term relationships are quite bad for women and of dubious value for men.
  • I hate the music they play at big crazy clubs.
  • I’m 33, I do recommend that younger men go clubbing, some of the very best experiences of my 20’s had to do with nightclubs but over time it really does lose its luster.
  • Also, at least here in Europe where I live, we’re seeing so many terrorist attacks on nightclubs that I really wouldn’t want to be in a big popular nightclub more frequently than a couple of times a year. In one of my most popular podcasts, I interviewed street fight psychology expert and security consultant Richard Gannon who has well over a decade of experience bouncing at nightclubs around the world. His sage advice was…
  • If you want to avoid violence don’t stay out past midnight.
  • However, you really will have to shake the hands of a lot of BORING real estate agents, language teachers, computer programmers, and MLMers to meet someone that you would actually like to date. It’s pretty counter-intuitive to try to practice your game and meet girls at networking functions. I have gotten laid from going to these dorky networking functions but I had to go to a lot of them!
  • is the best, in my opinion, if I was going to go to public events, it would be theirs but big crazy nightclubs are a better option if your real reason for socializing is to meet girls.
  • Start spamming girls with some clever one-liners on Plenty of Fish.
  • Fill out that giant personality compatibility matrix of eHarmoney.
  • Your looks really matter. Good looking guys do a whole lot better on online dating.
  • The competition is insane! Good looking girls are being digitally solicited by hundreds or maybe even thousands of guys. Even girls who you would honestly classify as a 3/10 are getting attention and offers for dates.
  • You don’t know what the girl looks like until she shows up on the date!
  • Online dating has always seemed deeply unromantic to me because if the girl is even remotely attractive she has hundreds of other guys hitting on her. The guy is just a commodity that is utterly replaceable with a few swipes.
  • Nothing is at stake emotionally for the girl and the guy is, of course, kind of a wimp really because he’s emotionally insulating himself from real rejection by doing it online. Really quite unromantic!

Salsa clubs.

  • You can find them in almost every city in the world.
  • They are frequented by attractive, feminine women; the type who takes care of themselves wearing heels and dresses.
  • Salsa clubs have a good proportion of girls to guys. Sometimes a lot more girls than guys.
  • Women often attend them solo or in easy to approach groups of two.
  • Salsa clubs are nice places to hang out. The music is pleasant. You’re not surrounded by drunk people smoking.
  • The salsa club crowd arrives earlier and goes home at a decent hour, usually by midnight. I’ve never seen a fight at a salsa club and I’d be a whole lot less concerned about violence there.
  • Pickup artists don’t go to salsa clubs, so your competition is just other guys who like to salsa dance. Who I’m not very worried about.

Ethical Hedonism

When I was younger some of the guys I was friends with had, in retrospect, very unethical hedonistic sex lives. They were proud of having casual, unprotected sex with lots of different partners. They would commit to being one girl’s boyfriend so that they could have all the unprotected sex they wanted with her and then when we were having a ‘guys night out’ after a few drinks they would start trying to hook up with other girls, sometimes successfully. Pretty unethical yet standard male behavior…
I’ve stayed friends with these guys on Facebook and what I see is that almost all of them as a result now have some kind of limited freedom in their sex lives. A lot of them have kids, some of them are single parents, some of them have crazy stress and financial commitment to the women they made babies with. A lot of them are committed in one way or another to mediocre women. Some of them have confided in me that they have spent thousands of dollars on abortions over the years.

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