Longecity will PAY YOU to Biohack

Interview with Justin Loew, Senolytic Biohacker

Jonathan Roseland
2 min readMar 14, 2022


Listen to podcast: Longecity will PAY YOU to Biohack 🎙️ Interview with Justin Loew, Senolytic Biohacker

I catch up with Justin Loew, a 20-year biohacker and founding member of Longecity.org — the internet’s best longevity forum (which will pay you to biohack).

We discuss the OpenCures platform and the value in objective and subjective self-quantification, senolytic anti-aging agents, seasonal adaption hacks, Longecity’s funding N of 1 personal experiments, and more.

Mentioned in the interview…

Cold Shock Therapy — A bathroom brainpower hack you’ll RESIST…

Nicotine USP solution — The creativity smart drug

BPC-157 — A surprising sleep hack

The Oura Ring — I asked them about our data going on their cloud and they responded: Currently, there is no way to use the Oura app without utilizing the Oura servers. The connection to the servers is required for transferring your data between devices, accessing your data with Oura on the web, updating the Oura app, updating the ring’s firmware, and additional features.

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Fisetin — A nutricuetical antioxidant
Quercetin and Dasatinib — a Multi Pronged Senolytic Attack
Azithromycin — Surprisingly, a senolytic at low doses

What’s new at Longecity

The Longecity podcast hosted by Justin
OpenCures self-quantification platform — for Longecity members
B.A.S.E. (Biomarkers of Aging Self-Experimentation) program for funding N of 1 experiments
Justin’s N of 1 Fisetin trial

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