Longevity in the eye of the beholder

This week I’m excited to bring you a very detailed article and podcast (and a very cool infographic) about an innovative Mitochondrial technology!

Skulachev Ions (or SKQ1) are smart antioxidants; smart because they specifically target the Mitochondria that actually need them. This makes SKQ1 a very potent, economic and safe anti-aging agent, I’ll make the case in this article that it’s the cutting edge anti-aging innovation of tomorrow.

Scientific Research
Novel Longevity Science
SKQ1 vs Phenoptosis
Vs Reactive Oxygen Species
The Dictatorship of the Genome
What is SKQ1?
A Mitochondrial Targeting Antioxidant
Plastoquinone to the rescue!
An Anti-Aging Innovation
Vision Biohack
Skin Care
The Pathway to Mainstream Medicine
SKQ1 vs MitoQ vs C60
SKQ1 as a Nootropic?
Vs Cancer
Vs Alzheimer’s
State of the Art

People often ask me about novel Biohacks, exotic Nootropics or ground breaking anti-aging strategies. They will want to pay attention to the applications of SKQ1.
You can find over 150 pieces of published research on Pubmed, including two significant human clinical trials. So it’s firmly out of the territory of being an unpredictable pharmacologically active research chemical and is attracting the attention of mainstream anti-aging researchers.

Update on the #BiohackerBan

My Youtube channel is still suspended, I’ve appealed the decision by Youtube a number of times now, making cogent arguments for reinstatement but I’m not very hopeful of them seeing reason.

I’ve acquired over a hundred subscribers on D.Tube in the past week which is a free speech alternative to Youtube but I realize that D.Tube is still in beta as a platform and not nearly as easy a video platform as Youtube for people to learn about about lifehacking and biohacking so I’ve upgraded my membership on Vimeo and am uploading all my videos there, Vimeo is a pretty great platform…

  • My high resolution videos load lickety-split fast there.
  • There’s no annoying banner ads or pre/post roll commercials that interrupt your viewing experience like on Youtube.
  • Vimeo is supported by creators paying member fees, instead of advertising so there’s less concern about censorship.
  • And they have an sharp Android and IOS app so you can watch at your leisure on your device and their app allows you to download videos so you can watch them offline, great for if you have trip coming up or if you’re one of those Biohackers that likes to turn off their wifi at night.

Overall, Vimeo is just a smarter viewing experience! If you find D.Tube a bit clunky please follow me on Vimeo.

This Youtube censorship has got me thinking about what freedoms are going to be restricted next…

As I explained to Steve Cronin I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be quintessential smart drugs like Piracetam, the verbal intelligence molecule. Every time that I speak with the online vendors of this proven very safe and effective Nootropic they tell me that the banks are making it harder and harder for them to process orders. I think it’s just a matter of time before government regulators explicitly or implicitly deny us this great cognitive enhancer. That’s why being the paranoid libertarian I am, I’ve stocked up on a pharma grade supply of it that will last me quite a while (and NO I won’t be bootlegging Piracetam to any of you when and if it’s banned…)
I suggest you do the same! Here’s some highly credible sources of the stuff…

New Video

A fun to watch introductory video I made for my new D.Tube channel. Check it out!

New Articles

Mitochondrial hacks are all the rage in the online health discussion currently, thus I’m excited to break the story on innovative technology of Mitochondrial targeted antioxidants. Which I explain thoroughly in this detailed article, podcast and infographic.

Bioregulatory peptides are an anti-aging innovation brought to us from Russia (with love!) The more I research antiaging the more I’ve become aware of odd iron-curtain that seems to exist between the west and the east. There seems to be lot of worthwhile medicines and technologies coming out of the Russosphere which are ignored completely by western doctors and under reported upon in the Biohackingphere — I’ll leave you to speculate as to why that maybe…
Bioregulatory peptides treat (and cure according to some case studies I’ve translated) various health conditions and deficiencies by very specifically targeting problematic genes themselves. This article is LONG, so I’d encourage you just to read the beginning where I describe the science.
There’s a number of Bioregulatory peptides so I created a cool flowchart that breaks them down by effect.

New Podcast

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