I’ll be answering some of the March Biohacking and lifehacking questions in the Q&A podcast below.


if you take it for a long period…like 4 months or maybe longer even… and then stop, will you have a lasting increased intelligence? Like, if i use it and started reading more and more and faster and faster, and increase my language aspects, use other brainparts similarly while im on it…and then after 4 months…wil there be a significant increase in intelligence, even after I quit it?


Tianeptine vs L-Tyrosine/5-HtP? Which is better i mean he said Tyro/Htp is better for motivation but also mood lifting & what about Tianeptine as a stand alone ? I need answers b/c HtP&Tyro i can try but Tianeptine i have never heard of it?


Do you think some smart dugs or a particular start drug may work well for some people, and have very little or no effect at all with others? How do you explain this? Just different genetics and brain chemistry, or maybe the quality of the product or even how its administered? Is there a good/bad way you have determined in your experience to take nootropics, or does it vary depend ending on the substance? Are there things you can do, to negative or minimise any negate effects or protect your brain chemistry and health if you’re a chronic nootropics user, or one more into taking risk and trying newer nootropics?

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Have you ever used dna-fit, or any of these private labs that provide tests for hormone levels, biomarkers, or microbiome? They seem to suggest that having ones genetic biomarkers, hormone profile, microbiome can allow for the optimisation of ones diet, and further control of the body’s homeostasis. What are you’re thoughts?

“If you are taking them in dosages a lot lower than that there’s no good reason to think that they will actually do you any good.”
Response to my video Qualia is Problematic

This is false and potentially dangerous logic. Can you think of, or even imagine any nutritional that is both good for you in the tested dose, AND worse for you in lesser doses than taking none at all? Would you tell me to blow off Vitamin C completely if I could not achieve the RDA? Ridiculous! I know of no chemical that behaves as you suggest, and really, it doesn’t even make sense. Furthermore, testing of dosages rarely compares a full spectrum of dosages, rarely has long-term effects data, and rarely can give you guidance based upon the variable absorption and metabolic rate of individuals. Finally, it is a grievous error of assume that research is without bias and has been properly vetted and critiqued. Consider that all of the above concerns are especially true for nootropics (which are largely new and novel to general consumption) in particular. your advice should thus be exactly the opposite; suggesting that users of these drugs begin with a fraction of the suggested dose, and consume more only after gaging the effects.

Be more careful, my friend! You are taking on a grave responsibility when broadcasting nutritional advice. Being conservative, thorough and highly skeptical is totally appropriate.

During Tantra I feel this rush of energy & a full body sexual high & my blood pumping,etc (All this without touching my D, At All) I go to sleep on this high & next morning I feel good, refreshed, normal, what happened to my rush & semen during my sleep overnight??? No wet dreams, boxers dry, etc. Did it all reabsorb into my body? Did I do it right??

The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity
The Multi-Orgasmic Man

I’m curious did you get eye problem from TBI? I’m looking for treatment for possible TBI or asphyxia induced attention, depression and cognitive problem treatment. I was on tianeptine for quite a while which helped little. Now I got 1200mg piracetam prescription and starting using tomorrow.

Could you make a video entirely dedicated to how to find your ideal dosage? Im a pretty big guy (6ft 5 inches, bordering 100kg) and I’ve been experimenting around with modafinil and some racetams (mainly aniracetam)to help with my ADHD but if i use the standard doses i don’t get much of a result. Id like to know how i could find my ideal dosage and cycle so that i can get the benefits of biohacking without running into a resistance curve where it becomes useless. Unrelated question: Which would you say is better, piracetam or aniracetam. Ive read around online and the general consensus is that aniracetam is better because it is faster acting and more powerful as it dissolves in lipids, not water but many people say the opposite and i wanted an expert opinion.

Head Strong by Dave Asprey

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