Inside a Navy SEAL’s Mind with Mark Divine (Podcast #28)

In this episode I’m joined by a 20 year veteran of the US Navy SEALs, Commander Mark Divine. Mark operates SEALFIT, a firm that physically and psychologically prepares Special Forces candidates with a 100% placement rate. We discuss everything from Hell Week and gamifying situational awareness to warrior meditation and preparing to hike Machu Pichu.

Jonathan at the summit at Vulcan Baru in Panama.

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In This Episodes We Discuss:

  • What is Hell Week and BUD/S?
  • Physical and mental training as a social activity.
  • Qauntifying the effectiveness of our physical training regimens.
  • Physical training for long hikes.
  • The K.I.M Game
  • Multitasking meditation: Integrating Warrior Yoga, box breathing, breath awareness and Qigong.
  • Navy SEALs color system for Situational Awarenss: White (Complete ignorance of your environment), Yellow (Passive alert, pattern recognition state), Orange (A blip on your radar, pay attention), Red (Massive voilent action)
  • How Navy SEALs are trained to relax. 4 count deep diaphragmatic breathing for relaxing. Breathing through nose interupts fight or flight responses.
  • Visualization practice: light flowing into our body
  • Physical training: Body weight, pull ups, air squats, the burpee


SEALFIT Hell Week Boot Camp on NBC News

Scaled Dive-Bomber Push up


Music: Ooah “Of Porcelain — The Witching Hour

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