Announcing Marketplace.Gold

I’m excited to announce something that the world deserves, which is a new marketplace website to do commerce in gold, more specifically digital gold currency.

  • Its held its value for at least 5000 years.
  • There will always be someone interested in buying your gold.
  • Very little gold is worth quite a lot of money, it’s literally and figuratively a very dense store of value.
  • It has actually utility; it’s used in electronics, jewelry, computers, dentistry and even medicine.

To clarify a few things

  • We are not an escrow company.
  • We don’t handle disputes.
  • Marketplace.Gold is simply a place to find people to do commerce with.
  • Marketplace.Gold is a powerful ratings and review engine that I’ll hope you use to give feedback to those who you do business with — these reviews will be scrutinized for accuracy and legitimacy.

About Jonathan Roseland

For a while I thought that perhaps it would be best if I were an unseen owner/operator of Marketplace.Gold, there’s some real advantages to just leaving the about page on your website an anonymous generic mission statement

  • You maintain a veil of privacy between your semi-public life as a social media user and a business owner.
  • It’s easier to flip your company for easy profit if there’s not a personality inextricably associated with it.
  • I’m far from a vanilla-milk toast startup founder as I’ve written and spoken publicly about everything from my sex life, and smart drug usage to my political and philosophical views.
  • I’m not going to stake my reputation on any specific digital gold currency, in fact I encourage you to be skeptical; do your due diligence on any digital gold currency that you plan to use. However, I really believe in the project of sound currency.
  • I’m a pretty good pitchman; if I really believe something is good, I will sell it with all my heart! I’ll do my damnedest to create a logical and emotional airtight case for it! This space lacks a persuasive and witty yet informative pitchman proselytizing digital gold currency. I can do that!

Buy and Sell with Real Gold

Marketplace.Gold is not exclusively for doing commerce in digital gold currency. You can also buy or sell using real gold, you’ll have to meet the other party to do the transaction in person with a very reliable scale or use an escrow service. The listings in the marketplace will indicate if this is an option with a given seller.


You’ll notice that on the site the prices of a given product are listed in dollars (or whatever currency) instead of ounces of gold, this is because the site is a marketplace for the real world, were the vast majority of people think in terms of dollars, euros or whatever their currency is.

Buy and Sell with Cryptocurrency?

  • There are some gold backed cryptocurrencies; my interest is certainly piqued by the idea of gold transactions validated by the blockchain but I’m a bit suspicious. I’d need to see some evidence that you can reliably transform these cryptocurrencies into shiny yellow stuff that you can hold in your hand. In future content we’ll examine the veracity of these gold backed cryptocurrencies.
  • The cryptosphere attracts a lot unprincipled opportunists. For the past 5 years I’ve worked in an industry that attracts really high quality ethical people who have been a pleasure to work with. I’m wary of dabbling in businesses that entails dealing with people of bad character.
  • There’s already several good cryptocurrency geo-marketplace directories.
  • Remarkably, you can convert cryptocurrency into digital gold with GoldMoney who can then send you the real gold.

What would you buy with your digital (or real) gold if someone were smart enough to sell it?

We’re a growing marketplace, I hope that you’ll support by using this form to let us know which products or services you would like to pay for with gold.

Business Model

You maybe curious about our business model…
Our primary business model will be providing premium content marketing services. In 2018 the best way for your product, service or brand to be found by the best customers is to create premium quality content demonstrating expertise; this means thorough, well written articles, infographics, videos and podcasts.

  • Adding a listing to Marketplace.Gold is free and you can add as many as you would like.
  • We’re not going to get involved with dodgy affiliate schemes.
  • Video blogging and video production
  • Design of infographics
  • Managing social media

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