How to be a Master Socialite (Podcast #5)

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this episode of the Limitless Mindset podcast we will be teaching you how to become a master socialite. I’m going to giving you 12 techniques for having an awesome social life, we will also teach you how to befriend and get free drinks from the owners of swanky bars and nightclubs. In the brain power segment we will tell you how to eat and drink for brain power while being a socialite. We will finish up this podcast with the bad ass story about how Jonathan discovered the ultimate cure for a hangover at 12000 feet.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How to get invited and how to get on guest list.
  • How to maximize your social proof at event while at the same time minimizing your effort or investment of time.
  • How to talk about what you do without seeming boring.
  • An easy, yet fun dance move to liven up any event.
  • How to propose a toast.
  • How to have charisma.

Clever lines for master socialites to use:

  • Get on guest list: Who do I need to sweet talk to get on guest list?
  • Learn how people know each other: How do you know this character?
  • Tell me something interesting about yourself…
  • Here’s my card, I give people cards. I’ll trade you if you got one!

Talking about what you do:

  • What I do is incredibly interesting, I’m very good at and I’m passionate about it. If you get me started I will go all night. Let’s talk about… (something humorous, something else)
  • I sell dreams…
  • Q: So what do you do? A: Well, I compete with you!
  • Smoking: Excuse me, I’m trying to start(smoking) do you mind if I bum a cigarette from you?

‘Power’ by Capeesh ft. Thelonious & Kid Dynomite
‘I Made It’ by Kevin Rudolf & Young Money
‘Miles Away’ Madonna Remix by MJOLLNYR

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