MEMOPROVE® — A Neuropeptide-Powered Nootropic

MEMOPROVE® is an innovative European Nootropic that, as its name implies, enhances memory and cognition. Whether you’re a grad student, a hardworking professional, or just sick of forgetting where you left your keys — Neuropeptides can give you an edge. The active peptide in this Nootropic is N-PEP-12™.

Overview of the science

There are at present seven items of scientific research published on N-PEP-12 including two clinical trials, to summarize them…

A 2020 Romanian study found that 90 milligrams a day for 90 days enhanced neurorecovery from supratentorial Ischemic stroke for middle-aged and older adults.

A Spanish study administered it in a higher dose, 180 milligrams, to elderly patients. It notes Significant improvement in memory performance after just 6 hours. This study justifies experimenting with a higher dosage and concludes…

N-PEP-12 might be a reliable dietary supplement to be investigated for improving and, perhaps, maintaining brain function among healthy older adults.

An Austrian animal study suggests that it maintains and perhaps enhances learning capacity. Lifelong learning is crucial to maintaining one’s mind as the decades pass — as that becomes a challenge, a Nootropic like this is worth consideration.

A Mexican paper notes its neurotrophic properties in neurons of the limbic system and suggests Resveratrol as a cofactor. In another study, the same researchers note a positive effect on neuronal plasticity. They conclude…

N-PEP-12 can be considered as a pharmacological alternative to prevent or delay brain aging and control senile dementias.

The first clinical trial was done in Florida in 2005 it focused on memory loss, included 54 middle-aged adults, and was a “gold-standard” randomized, double-blind study. The neuropeptide did outperform the placebo. It concludes…

N-PEP-12 may be an effective treatment for memory loss in healthy older adults.

The researchers attribute credibility to Neuropeptide…

N-PEP-12 is a derivative of cerebrolysin, a brain-derived neuropeptide compound that has been approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in more than 30 countries.

So N-PEP-12 is sort of like Cerebrolysin-light, Cerebrolysin is an injected peptide. Which makes it a good alternative for people who don’t like needles.

Notably, none of the studies mention undesirable side effects or adverse results from it.

Should Biohackers try MEMOPROVE®?

On the anti-aging/Biohacking forum Longecity there’s a lengthy discussion thread about it, one user reported:

Things I’ve noticed:
~definitely active (would be a lot to mention for 1 post, so maybe Ill mention later)
~not as strong as Cerebro
~convenient dosing
~fair price, though not cheap. what makes up for the price is THE QUALITY OF THE RECIEVED PRODUCT! So long as Eb-pharm keep the product quality high and at reasonably the same price I will likely continue with my trial and report back results.
Please not I am not expecting the world from it. Only a mild boost. So far it has seemed to do that although not as profound as the injectable product.
Product so far is exceeding expectations.

A veteran biohacker reported:

I usually take memoprove when I wake up on an empty stomach…
I knew right away that I had underestimated this product. The next day I lowered it to 2pills and again I went through my day with a lot of energy and motivation. Coffee and green tea definitely helped kickstart the “focus effect”. no jitterness (unless i take more than 1 cofee ), no unpleasant sweatyness. I read faster and found it, just like cere, easy to focus like a laser. That’s what it does; it will not MAKE you focus, it will HELP you focus…

A negative effect reported was “psychotic nightmares” at a 1 gram dosage, which seems irresponsibly high compared to the clinical research. It should go without saying but keep the dosage reasonable and discontinue if you get bad nightmares. Another biohacker reported that even a single pill was “too much for me” and resulted in insomnia, so use it in the morning and break the pill in half if you have sleep issues.

The big question with an anti-cognitive decline medicine is does it also help younger, otherwise healthy people? I took it for about a month and it did have a noticeable Nootropic effect on my focus and productivity. I could not tell if it affected my memory. At 55EUR for this 30-tablet package, I think Piracetam is a better value, it had more impact on my long-term memory, that’s my go-to recommendation for upgrading memory.



MEMOPROVE® is a cognitive enhancing neuropeptide supplement that is used to improve memory. It also contributes to mental alertness and better concentration in a patient. The supplement is prescribed for adult patients who experience mild memory problems due to deprivation of sleep, stress, business, and other factors.

This is a natural product that supports memory deteriorating with age. As specialists say, mild memory problems begin in 25+ and then continue in the course of life. The person can’t remember certain details, names, misplaces things (keys, phone, and so on), forgets the tasks that were planned for the day, words the person wanted to say, and can’t concentrate on the activity. The product is universal and can be taken by people of different ages. It helps to improve the quality of life.

Offered by…

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