Methylene Blue Solution Review

A very blue Anti-Aging supplement.

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Here’s another Nootropic that doesn’t do anything for me. It comes in this liquid solution and you deposit a few drops of it below your tongue.

What’s kind of funny about it is that it turns your mouth really blue! And everything your mouth touches, so cups, spoons, your lips, other Nootropics and other people.

When I first tried it…

I was a bit sleep deprived on a bus from Barcelona to Valencia. I did the MB directly before 20 minutes of meditation. It didn’t have much of a noticeable effect while meditating. The taste is not bad for a Nootropic although when it lingers in your mouth it has a slightly unpleasant burning sensation.

I used it for over 10 days in a row and was not able to ascertain any true Nootropic effects.

I did my breath counting focus test multiple of times on it and it really didn’t make any difference in my attentional control.

I did use it before going out socializing and salsa dancing; there was no effect whatsoever on social anxiety, verbal fluency or motor coordination.

I could not notice any disturbance in sleep from using it after say 5PM, which some Nootropics will effect your sleep if you use them in the evenings.

I double dosed a couple of days and there was a slight effect; of being perhaps a little more energetic…

I felt maybe a bit sweaty.

But it didn’t last very long, less than two hours.

I guess for me to really get a meaningful effect from this I just need a whole lot more, I will need to swim the stuff… Like fish do!

Since I was disappointed with it I did search in the Biohacker forums for Methylene Blue cofactors and a couple of Biohackers were talking about it in combination with Rhodiola and caffeine, that this really potentiated the caffeine. I did try this…

I stacked it with Adaptogenic tea (which is about a 3rd Rhodiola) and coffee and I didn’t find it to have a notable effect on my caffeination.

I also stacked it with

  • Coluracetam
  • Tyrosine
  • 5-HTP

And there was no acute effect that would be worth trying to reproduce.

It comes in the same kind of little blue bottle that Nicotine USP solution comes in, since I quit smoking I re-associated my anticipatory serotonin pathway to this little blue bottle, so whenever I see it, I get a little hit of serotonin the way a person who is trying to quiet smoking does when they see someone else light up, but then the slightly more evolved part of my brain is like that’s not Nicotine, it’s just the fish tank cleaner…

I wouldn’t use it again because it didn’t have any helpful effect and it really does dye your mouth blue. With long term use I’d be worried about it staining your teeth.

Like one time I was hanging out at a cafe in Spain, I had just used Methylene Blue and was about to do a little 10 milligram spoon of Coluracetam when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was a cute Colombian girl who had approached me because I was wearing a Colombian jersey. Usually this is the kind of opportunity I would jump on…

But I think she was a little weirded out seeing the white powder I was about to consume and my totally blue mouth; looking like I had just gone full Miami zombie style cannibal on an Avatar alien or smurf…

Smurfs always make me smile because they reminds me of this funny story, this one time in Colombia…

Me and my buddy Travis were going to a Halloween party in Medellin, the party was kind of out in the hood, far away the neighborhoods where foreigners usually hang out.

At the party there was this older woman dressed as a smurf who was really drunk and very aggressive with me and my buddy. She kept grabbing us to drunkenly bump’d grind to the folksy Colombian music. Eventually some other girls at the party, yelled at her and told her that we were their boyfriends and to stop grabbing us.

There was one hot girl at the party in a really slutty costume who I started dancing with and then she grabbed a dildo and rubbed it on me.

As the night drew on and everyone else at the party was getting really drunk, me and Travis decided to dip out and our taxi driver drove us home insane speeds.

It was a weird night.

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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