Mind wandering is bad for you. What to do instead…

It makes you unproductive, unhappy and impulsive according to the study I reference here.

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Yet we spend so much time doing it! Instead of free flowing random thinking, I’ll suggest that when you find your mind wandering instead mentally play out your reactions to different specific scenarios.

Let’s say you have a first date coming up, instead of reflecting on your past relationships and how past partners made you feel, imagine how you’ll specifically react to different things happening on the date. What would you do if…

Your date is late showing up
The waiter spills a drink on you
They ask you about your past relationships
You run into an old lover while out with your date
Your date touches your leg under the table
Your date tries to kiss you
Your date shows up with a random ‘friend’
Your date asks if you want to smoke a cigarette
The restaurant is closed
Your date doesn’t want to drink
Your date shows up drunk

Devoting your attention to imagining yourself in various scenarios is all the more empowering and actually productive.
I do this at night before sleep instead of letting my thoughts run free and worrying, which causes insomnia.

Originally published at www.limitlessmindset.com.

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