Modafinil vs Sleep

hadn’t used Modafinil in quite some time, I’d just received an assortment of Eurogics which I decided to use to offset a night of bad sleep. Which I don’t recommend generally, Nootropic should not be used regularly to cope with insomnia, but I suffer from insomnia infrequently and Modafinil can really make a big difference when you’re sleep deprived. My personal policy on sleep deprivation is that I wake up early, get to work and do my best to power through the day. I emerged from light and dissatisfying slumber around 5:30 AM after tossing and turning for hours while thoughts raced through my mind. Modafinil typically takes an hour or sometimes two to kick in for me, so I took a full 200-milligram capsule of MODAWAKE® and tried to go back to sleep. The Modafinil kicked in as expected, it’s kind of cool sensation to feel the Modafinil begin to take effect as you are halfway between the dream world and waking life. I cuddled with my wife for a bit and got up.

MODAWAKE® had the effect I’ve grown to expect from Modafinil. For me, Modafinil is not a mood enhancer, I don’t feel particularly good or bad on it. I had a very productive day working on a few articles, a book review delving into a very complex and nuanced subject, I recorded three video blogs (which were honestly not great vlogs, Modafinil is not really conducive to my verbal skills), I had a great workout at the gym and enjoyed dinner with my wife. Interestingly, I did not get sweaty on MODAWAKE®, in the past, Modafinil has often made me sweat, even when I’m just working on the computer, not doing anything that should make me sweat. This is a good sign!

How to actually get to sleep on a Modafinil day

As I’ve experienced a number of times, Modafinil can wreck your sleep, even 10–12 hours after dosing. If you’re going to use it you need to be very proactive about your sleep hacking and before bed regimen. Here’s what I did to fall right asleep and enjoy a night of very restorative sleep after having done 200 milligrams of Modafinil that morning…

  • Turn off the tech — I shut down my laptop about 2 hours before bed and resisted the urge to use social media on my smartphone.
  • Turn off the wifi — An hour before bed, I just switched off the power strip that powers my wifi router. I disconnected or powered off all the little devices that we have with little green LED lights on them.
  • Lighting — For about 2 hours before bed I got away from all harsh lighting. I turned off the lights in our bedroom and used candles, we ate a candlelit dinner. Wh7en I brush and floss my teeth at night I don’t turn on the bathroom light.
  • Meditate and read — I did 15 minutes of meditation, just listening too soothing Brain.FM tunes, then I read a book for about 30 minutes. I do use a tablet to do my reading as reading an old fashioned book by candlelight strains my eyes, but I use night mode with white text on a black background, I turn the brightness on the tablet all the way down, and the wifi was off.
  • Sleep supplements — I did 1000 milligrams of Magnesium L-Threonate, which is a great sleep hack and my wife lovingly made me a nice Ashwagandha, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar tea.

I did an exhaustive hour-long workout in the mid-evening. Ending your Modafinil days with a workout is an especially good idea because Modafinil really enables workaholism, on Modafinil you’ll tend to work late into the evening. If you have a workout scheduled at 7:30 PM, you have a deadline for finishing your working day, which forces you to work a little smarter. On Modafinil we are in a more stimulated autonomic mode and our stress hormone levels will be elevated. At the end of the workday is a great time to pour all this energy and motivation into a workout.

About Modafinil

It is a next level smart drug, often compared closely to NZT-48 from Limitless.

It imbues an unfair cognitive advantage to those lifehackers not afraid to dabble with pharmaceuticals, from night shift working emergency room doctors to programmers and helicopter pilots.


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You might be wondering what the legality is of receiving a shipment of pharmacologically active agents from another country, especially Russia.
The truth is that if you’re in a country with very strict drug laws or poor human rights protections it’s probably not a great idea. However, similar to what I said in my video about traveling with smart drugs, in my 5 years of researching Nootropics I’ve yet to come across an account of someone who suffered legal repercussions for importing cognitive enhancers for personal use.

Although, if you’re importing anything into a place that ranks poorly on the country corruption index you’re taking a risk that you’ll be taken advantage of. However, RUPharma ships to +30 different countries, they do business like undercover Agent Sasha in the CIA; very discretely! They ship in such inconspicuous packages that the customs agents will likely just think the package is your Babushka (grandma) sending you cookies!
Personally, having lived for years in countries that are best described as dodgy and due to my disdain for paying VAT taxes, I will usually ship my supplements to a friend in the United States who is coming to see me sometime soon and I compensate them for the hand delivery by sharing my drugs or buying them dinner!


In case you’re wondering, yes you can get Russian Nootropics in the United States. One customer reported:

I have ordered from rupharma twice so far and both times the product was delivered to me very fast without problems. This last order was shipped to California in 7 days! The product is authentic and they are a pleasure to deal with. They always reply quickly to any inquiries and will not hesitate to assist you with any issues. I will definitely keep coming back and highly recommend them to anyone!

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