My Story: What I’ve learned from game, travel, religion, and psychopaths

Addendum to the Social Anxiety Protocol

Jonathan Roseland
1 min readApr 9, 2024

In this vlog, I literally and figuratively go off-script. An hour of my musings about the intersection of the different disciplines I’ve immersed myself in and how they’ve affected my social anxiety.

If you don’t like this style, don’t worry I won’t be doing much more content in this meandering style. Since so many of you write to me about challenges with social anxiety, I thought you might be interested to hear a little more about my evolution in this area.


2:55 My story

5:30 Religion vs sex

12:00 The most charming man I’ve ever known

14:00 My best friend the psychopath

19:30 My psychopathic ex-business partner

25:30 Losing my virginity to a spy

28:00 Starting my entrepreneurial career as a nightclub promoter

37:00 Learning game

40:30 Mainstream self-help advice sucks!

46:00 Smart drugs for social anxiety

50:00 Travel for personal growth

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