Ninja Joomla developer accepts crypto EXCLUSIVELY

I’m a web developer with 12 years of experience, with over 200 websites under my belt working with the best content management system on the Internet which is Joomla. And I’m making this video to announce that I accept cryptocurrency for my web design, development, and strategy services.

Here, I’ll talk about what I can do for you as a web developer, my areas of expertise, and then I also want to talk a bit about cryptocurrency and maybe wax philosophical a bit about it.

  1. Our main competitive advantage as a web developer is that we know Joomla and content marketing very well, we are careful listeners, and can work quickly to bring your vision to life online.
  2. 12 years of experience has taught us about many of the costly mistakes to be avoided in creating and launching a business website.
  3. We are an American firm; we don’t outsource crucial digital labor or compromise on our commitment to excellence on your project.

Our expertise includes
Joomla development
Ecommerce websites
Building online communities
Content strategy (articles, videos, podcasts, infographics)
Cryptocurrency and anti-aging focused websites
JReviews geo-directory development

Why Joomla!

As a website content management system, it’s simply unmatched in its robust capacities, security, stability, ease-of-use, and manifest beauty.

  • Limitless functionality possibilities
  • Search engine friendly
  • Intuitive interface and content management dashboard
  • Mobile and device friendly
  • Open Source for lean development

Quite simply, there’s not much that can’t be done with Joomla. I continually get compliments on the design, flexibility, and user interface of my Joomla websites.

So Joomla itself is open source and thus free but if you really want to unlock the deep functionality of the different extensions there are licensing costs, customization costs, and optimization needed of the different extensions working together and maintenance. It’s time-intensive and can be costly to develop a highly functional Joomla website.

With Joomla, we can build

  • City geo-directories
  • Online reviews and products directories
  • Affiliate management platforms
  • Ecommerce stores and marketplaces
  • Subscription-model powered membership sites

If you merely want a hobbyist website, Joomla might not be the best option.

My two best portfolio sites are my own… — Anti-aging/health authority website. Features a ratings/review directory of products. — A geodirectory of merchants accepting cryptocurrency.
The rest of my web development and design portfolio is here…

I’m busy working on my own projects so I’m pretty selective about the clients I take on. I like working with start-ups and people that might need some insight on marketing and business model — particularly content marketing. I’ve got about a decade of experience doing content marketing and can probably help you not waste your time when it comes to this crucial web strategy aspect. My web development/consulting rates reflect my experience and busyness with my own stuff BUT are not astronomical, if you’ve only got a $500 or $1000 budget, I’d direct you to some of the outsourced Joomla development teams out there. I can provide a lot of value as a holistic web strategy guy but I also don’t mind doing the dirty work; fixing bugs in Joomla and optimizing for SEO.

Please submit the Get Quote form with some details about your project, and I can get on a Skype call with you sometime soon.

Why content marketing…

Your potential customers are blind to or annoyed by ads — they want their questions answered and problems solved by someone who demonstrates expertise and deep understanding.

  • Content that solves painful problems buys lasting customer loyalty.
  • Great content gets shared and spreads the word about your offerings virally.
  • “Evergreen content” drives perpetual traffic.
  • Exhaustive content signals authority to the search engines.

We can create the EPIC authoritative content that your business needs — Articles, videos, media, and infographics. I think you’ll enjoy perusing our content portfolio…

Accepting cryptocurrency

Roseland Digital is proud to support the economic revolution by accepting payment in cryptocurrency. We accept all the major cryptos; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Dash, and Aurus, the gold-backed crypto.
Cryptocurrency is the best vehicle to get us all to a freer, saner future. We want cryptocurrency to mature beyond merely being a speculative investment vehicle; we endeavor to play a role in a dynamic economy of businesses, large and small, doing commerce with crypto. We’re excited to work with firms and entrepreneurs that have a similar vision.

What our clients are saying…

I’d like to share with you some excerpts from a few letters of reference from our clients…
Evan Wood, Double Wood Supplements

We’ve had quite a few pieces of content produced by Jonathan and have been very pleased with the results. He produces long, well-researched articles which do a great job in providing in-depth information at very reasonable prices. We’ve found his content to be a great addition to our SEO strategy and he demonstrates a strong knowledge of proper SEO practices by providing related meta tags and keywords for his articles.

Willie Davis, Biohacked Boerboels

First, he’ll plan a gathering to talk about your vision. For example, I had at the top of the priority list a straightforward canine reproducing site. I didn’t require anything extravagant. This person can take a basic venture and make it into something extraordinary. My site is so useful. He does the exploration for himself to incorporate significant data that you may not think about your own business.

Vaughn Thompson, VON Group

Jonathan Roseland is one of those rare business people who not only develops his craft with skill — continuously looking to provide greater value to his clients — but also listens carefully to business owners in an effort to crystalize their vision for their brand.

Tonya, On The Go Errand Service

Amazing does not even begin to describe the quality of product Jonathan was able to produce for me. Jonathan not only created my website to my specifications, but he also took that extra step to ensure perfection. And with perfection came the fact that Jonathan was able to have my website ranked (first page) on Google in about two weeks. Like I said Amazing! Thank you so much!

We’ve got more client references here and my Linkedin profile.

Get in touch with us via the form below. I’m Jonathan with Roseland Digital, looking forward to a continued conversation with you!

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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