NLP vs Psychoanalysis

Which is the Pseudoscientific fraud?

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On Mentorship

The book centers around the relationship between Alan and Yves (or Igor), his enigmatic, wealthy and mercurial mentor.

On Mindset

Body Language Mirroring

Body language is one of the first things that many people learn about in their personal growth journey.

Public Speaking Training

One of the higher leverage personal growth skills is public speaking and taking public speaking classes is a commonality among people who do cool things and live life on their own terms. In the book, public speaking skills are key to the protagonist’s accelerated personal and professional success.

Frame Control

Theory vs Practice

Alan and his mentor in the book don’t spend much time delving deep into Alan’s dysfunctional psychology, his mentor is not his shrink. His mentor is a pragmatic practitioner of NLP. He suggests to Alan new and empowering mindsets and then he sends Alan on missions to experience and enshrine them in his personality.

This book will make you curious about NLP…

According to Wikipedia

Ready, fire, aim. You fake it till you make it.

The book mentions Jacques Lacan, a prominent figure in psychoanalysis.

About the book’s author

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A Non-Hysterical Critique of Capitalism

Capitalism gets critiqued and criticized endlessly in mainstream movies, television, and culture even though capitalism is clearly the best way for society to function. But really, the problem with capitalism is the state, whenever you see these egregious examples of corporations harming people or the environment it’s almost always due to some entanglement with big government. The worst corporate behavior is often motivated by the stock market, in these numerous cases of corporate malfeasance, it’s the stock market performance that motivates corporate “citizens” to behave so psychopathically. This book portrays this brilliantly.

The Silly Last Chapter

The only part of the book that I scoffed at was the last chapter where he is reunited with a beautiful (and very cavalier) young woman who broke his heart and drove him to suicide in the first chapter

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