Nootropic Stacks vs Nicotine

Biohacker review of Max Focus & Ignition from NeuroActive

Jonathan Roseland
3 min readDec 20, 2021
Watch: Ignite Max Focus ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review of NeuroActive’s Nootropic Stacks for 🇪🇺 European Biohackers

I don’t smoke or vape but I intermittently use Nicotine in VG/PG USP solution as a creativity-promoting smart drug. The first few days off Nicotine are usually a bit rough on me, I need some stimulation and mood support which the NeuroActive Nootropics delivered.

Order: Max Focus or Ignition from NeuroActive

I stay dangerous with 3 capsules of Max Focus in the morning and 3 of Ignition in the mid-afternoon. The stimulating and cognitive enhancement effects are potent and there’s a notable uptick in my verbal abilities, I recorded this 120-minute, deep-dive, book review podcast on the stack. I take the Max Focus in the mornings and the Ignition in the early afternoons because I prefer to get my AM caffeination from my beautiful cup of steaming, Bulletproof-style, MCT-infused coffee. After lunch, I like to get a stimulant in my system to power through the rest of the day, when I’m cycled off Nicotine a caffeine-rich stack like Ignition is just what I need.

Let’s look at a few of the stack’s ingredients and discuss their synergies…

  • Lion’s ManeThe best Nootropic mushroom validated by +60 scientific publications and thousands of years of traditional herbalism. As a promoter of neurogenesis, it has a full-spectrum effect empowering cognition and enhancing memory.
  • CiticolineThe stimulating cholinergic for the ACH dominant validated by +90 human clinical trials. A choline source is important to complement a Nootropic stack like this and Citicoline (or CDP Choline as it’s often called) is one of the best. It’s an energizing ACH precursor compared to Alpha GPC which can be sedating.
  • Acetyl-L-Tyrosine — Is essentially a more pure chemical form of Tyrosine, closer to the actual neurotransmitters it is involved with. It’s more bioavailable, due to the acetic acid addition, meaning that less of it gets passed through the body and more of it passes the blood-brain barrier. Some bloggers report that N-Acetyl-Tyrosine increases their verbal intelligence and sociability.
  • Vitamin B5, B6, and B9 — Not only do B Vitamins have an energizing effect in the short term, but they are also crucial for supporting mitochondria and protecting the DNA from toxins.

All the stacks ingredients are validated by certificate of analysis, which I double-checked myself.

About NeuroActive

This is a new vendor that I’m pleased to be working with serving European Biohackers, a good group of folks that sometimes have trouble getting their hands on quality Nootropics and anti-aging stuff, especially since Brexit and COVID policies have made importing packages even trickier in the European Union. Good news, NeuroActive is based in the EU (actually, they are in Bulgaria where I live) so they can deliver reliably here on the continent minimizing the hassle of paperwork and negotiating with import office bureaucrats.

About the product

✔ Enhances focus, memory, clarity, motivation on daily basis
✔ Supports short term healthy brain function and helps maintain long term brain health
✔ Promotes peak mental performance in high-pressure environments
✔ Supports flexible, fluid and healthy neural structure linked to memory and learning
✔ Encourages blood flow to the brain, helping oxygen, glucose and neuronutrients delivery


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