October Biohacking Q&A Podcast

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I’ll be answering some Biohacking and lifehacking questions in the Q&A October podcast below.


What you find on this website is NOT medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m just an experienced unlicensed self-experimenter practicing free speech in talking about my own extensive experiences and my interpretations of published science. Please see my guide on How to Biohack Smart and Safe. You should consult a doctor about any biohacking you’re doing and ideally, also get a second opinion.


I’m considering moving somewhere in Europe with low cost of living and with good stuff when it comes to the biohacking and nootropics world.
But I wonder how of a good place would Bulgaria be when it comes to access to biohacking stuff… Supplements, Job
I’m a biohacker and I like to go to saunas, have red light therapy and such things…

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My Go-To European Nootropics Sources

I write to you today about something in the industry that seems strange to me and hope you have some insight and if so, maybe foundation for new content that you could use online.

In my opinion, it is very possible that sarcosine is the one nootopic that could most hinder the sales of harmful expensive Psych drugs like lithium, SSRI’s. The potential is there and I think the Pharma industry knows it, but I do not think the supplement industry is very aware if it. Maybe because when used alone, there is not much benefit.

The Pharma industry tried to mimic the benefits of sarcosine with bitopertin, but failed. As they prepared this drug to come out 2017, sarcosine became scarce and it still is scarce. What a coincidence.

Who was known for sarcosine sales? Powedercity. hmmm, where are they now? … ( ya I know ) Where is a safe place to buy sarcosine now? Maybe only nootropicsdepot, but they limit to one bottle. … does bigger sales frighten nootropicsdepot. …? .. think not.. must be a supply issue.

So, do I think sarcosine became scarce because a group wants to harm others? No, but someone may want it be scarce to gain leverage, increase competitive edge, even if it harms others. Maybe I am nuts, but Sarcosine is such a simple compound. Why else would it be scarce? Conspiracy? Not sure, but I find this strange. Do you have any opinion or insight on this?

Conspire. Let me ask you about the ridiculous (overused) words Conspire & Conspiracy. How is conspiracy any different than every business/sport competition that is performed by 2 or more? Tennis singles is not, but tennis doubles fits the definition, … make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act. Tennis doubles does harm the opponent to some degree. Although not the primary objective, but in every sport/business competition, the winner is awarded at the expense of the opponent and that expense is harmful. Some might call this a stretch, but in all conspiracies, I just see competition. Those that cause the most harm have an unfair advantage = exploitative, which is used by every government, billionaire and most millionaires.

Sorry for the length. Tried my best to condense. Very interested in your response.

Sarcosine Research

18 clinical trials on Pubmed https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=sarcosine%5BTitle%5D

Sarcosine Source

The only problem is that breath retention or “kumbhaka” is an extremely dangerous practice. Im talking from personal experience, not mere book reading. And Im not the only person who knows this.
Authors & gurus have been warning us for over 50 years to not hold the breath.
Are you aware of this?

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INVEST at least $100 in your own mind with these recommended sources and get a Biohacking consultation

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Lean Life Coaching biohacking consulting

As mentioned in the podcast, this is a very lean biohacking consulting/life coaching program. Here’s how this would work…

  • The Biohacking Consultation is 1 hour and 45 minutes total — which is actually two consulting calls.
  • First Call 1 hour — Discovery & Strategizing call, I need to ask you some questions, we’ll discuss your history and outline a biohacking strategy and action plan to overcome your issues.
  • Second Call 45 minutes — Follow up call in 30 or 60 days to see how you’re doing with the plan we outlined; how you’ve improved, what you’re struggling with, etc

There are a few important reasons we split the time up into two calls

  • It’s a significant motivation hack for you to follow through on the biohacking habits and plan we’ll outline because you’re accountable to me in 30 or 60 days.
  • I’m incentivized to come up with a really effective biohacking strategy for you because I have to talk to you after you’ve been following it for a month or two.
  • It timeboxes us with a deadline in 30 or 60 days for you to make improvements and accomplish your goals.

PLEASE fill out this form
Take a few minutes to answer a few questions, if your issues are really far outside my areas of expertise I’ll decline the consultation. My time is finite and very valuable so I only want to spend it consulting the people I can really help. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

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