Philips X586 Review: SoftBlue LED Technology doesn’t do anything…

I’ve used the Philips X586 smartphone for over a year and I rate it 2 stars out of 5.

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I purchased the phone because it looked like a good value for the feature set and the SoftBlue LED Technology interested me being a biohacker who wants to protect my eyes from blue light that hurts sleep quality.

I suspect that Philip’s SoftBlue LED Technology is just marketing hype, I’m not sure if it’s a real feature of the phone. They have a fancy web page explaining the technology but I’m not sure if it actually does anything.

I’ve used a number of blue blocking apps and features on my phones, I know what a screen looks like that is filtering blue and softening the light and the X586’s screen doesn’t do that. It’s just as bright and blue as any smartphone screen I’ve ever seen. What’s also suspicious is that in the phone there’s no settings to adjust the SoftBlue technology. I would want to block more blue light in the evenings and Philips doesn’t give us that option. This is disappointing because I am interested in protecting my eyes from blue light and I don’t think SoftBlue does anything. I would suggest instead using the Iris app on your phone and computers that actually makes a difference.

I looked through the documentation that came with the phone and didn’t find any more helpful information about configuring the SoftBlue technology. It’s also odd that Philips does not have webpage on their website for the X586. Why is Philips disassociating itself from this product? I noticed almost all the Youtube videos about the phone are from Romania, this makes me a little suspicious that this is a cheap, mediocre product that Philips just dumped on a “3rd world country” (Romania is not actually 3rd world, I’ve spent some time there and it’s a nicer place than a lot of US cities) that they thought wouldn’t notice that it doesn’t include the advertised SoftBlue technology.

Shortly after buying the phone the front facing selfie camera became locked in a very dim mode. I don’t take a lot of selfies but I appeared very dim in Skype video chats on the phone. I tried to adjust the settings and installed several other camera apps and nothing worked to increase the light sensitivity.

The headphone jack went bad after about a year which is very annoying I was no longer able to listen to podcasts on the device while at the gym because any little movement of the phone would disconnect the headphone jack causing the audio to skip. I haven’t had this issue with any other smartphone.

For some reason my Kindle app did not work on the phone. Not sure why — the Kindle app is a pretty stable app that’s worked on all my other devices.

The battery life is pretty decent, after I’d used it for about a year the battery would drain quickly and it would sometimes die randomly.

Given these shortcomings, it deserves 2 stars.

Otherwise it’s a decent phone that does everything an android phone should do.

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