Photobiomodulation is a gamechanger

Watch: Photobiomodulation is a gamechanger for workout recovery, heart health, digestion & more 🔆 Biohacker review of The FlexBeam

I was most pleased to receive the FlexBeam with no imports headache from the fine folks in Scandanavia that produce it…

And since, I’ve grown even more pleased. It’s a surprisingly simple, yet effective application of red light therapy. The advantage is that it wraps around almost any part of your body to get the medicine red light as close as possible to exactly where you need its rejuvenating effects.

The FlexBeam comes with a multitude of velcro straps for attaching it to your body however you please — the bold and daring biohacker fashion statements that could be made are limitless! Along with a VERY well-designed glossy manual, which I read and found educational. Apparently, the FlexBeam is a more intense and penetrating red light application because of the design of the mirrored bulb housings.

How I use the FlexBeam

Digestion aid after dinner. I do two sessions with the light vertically aligned on the right and left sides of my chest and stomach. The evidence indicates that red light therapy aids digestion and metabolism while supporting our little buddies down in the gut biome. My wife uses it the same way every evening and she can only be convinced to regularly use the biohacks that “actually work” — that make her feel better.

It’s a game-changer for workout recovery. Since the Draconian COVID green pass measures were lifted here, I’ve been a regular at my local gym. Weight lifting used to entail sore, achy muscles for me the day after a grueling workout, but no more thanks to the FlexBeam. The evening after a workout, I spend an hour doing 10-minute sessions with the red light on different upper-body muscle groups…

Right pectoral
Left pectoral
Right Bicep
Left Bicep
Right trapezius
Left trapezius

Red lighting “the family jewels” — I’ve been into the shining red light on my balls thing for a while now. Apparently, it boosts testosterone production, feels pleasant, and in my experience is a bit of a sex hack — sex feels a little better immediately following a 10-minute red-lighting session.

I did once use it to red light my head as red lighting your skull can have subtle Nootropic and hair beautification effects. This produced no discernable effect, the manufacturers advised that I NOT use the FlexBeam this way, and it looks just plain dorky…

Fortunately, I don’t suffer from any chronic pain issues, which the FlexBeam seems to help many with. In the past, red light therapy saved my father-in-law a herniated disk surgery, so it’s the first thing I recommend to those with chronic pain!

Rant on subscription services

I have two red light therapy devices and you know what I love about them?

I don’t have to pay $9 monthly for them to continue working, they don’t have software that needs to be updated, and I don’t need to worry about Bluetooth misconnections with them. They don’t need permission to my smartphone’s location services settings, and they don’t have a username/password that I need to keep track of. I just plug them in, flip them on, and they work. I think that we, the biohacker community, should demand that MORE biohacking products be like this. I’m increasingly uneasy about the trend of biohacking products that cost a few hundred bucks upfront and then have a smaller ongoing monthly membership cost. You may say “It’s only $5 a month — I don’t mind paying that for a product that actually empowers my health, happiness, and productivity.” But there are a couple of problems with the subscription services…

  • If you ever miss a monthly payment your +$100 biohacking device turns into a paperweight.
  • Businesses fail a lot. Most businesses don’t survive more than a few years. What happens if you drop a few hundred bucks on a device with a software subscription service, they go out of business a few years later, and stop updating the device software or hosting the product’s online platform?
  • Subscription services incentivize entrepreneurs, inventors, and companies to half-ass the product they are offering. Companies invest more in marketing than R&D (or quality assurance) when they know that they can fix bugs and problems with their product via updates.
  • You can anticipate the monthly/yearly subscription cost going UP. Of course, almost everything gets more expensive because of inflation (thanks statism!) But I’d argue that the subscription service model itself guarantees that the price will go up; businesses will raise the subscription price because that’s always easier than increasing sales or innovating. And if the subscription service is successful the business behind the product will raise capital and then will have to raise prices to satisfy their investors.
  • I’m a bit of a doomsday prepper. I REALLY like products that might work post — collapse of neoliberal technological civilization. The subscription-service products that rely on cloud hosting and apps will turn into pricey paperweights if Amazon web services ever goes down.

I respect that they didn’t try to bake a half-assed subscription service into the FlexBeam!

I’ll also mention that I first saw the FlexBeam advertised on Bitchute, I checked out Recharge.Health and I thought to myself I wonder if they know what kind of website Bitchute is? I checked out some more interviews with their team and had a call with their spokesman myself and was pleased to discover that they are on the same page as most biohackers — they are pro-health-freedom. If you value health freedom please vote it with your dollars, euros, or crypto purchasing from the kinds of companies that might advertise on Bitchute instead of Facebook.

I have no affiliate links for the FlexBeam but I really like the product and what they are about so if you pick one up let them know you heard about it from Limitless Mindset, forward me your receipt, and I’d be happy to do a 30-minute biohacking consultation with you and extend an invite to the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.



Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸