Post-Nootropic Intelligence Deficit

In the next couple of days I’ll publish an article and very cool infographic entitled What we Learned about Piracetam in 2018 summarizing the science published about the godfather of Nootropics in the past year.

Researching this article I perused hundreds of users reports and came across a statistically significant number of anecdotal reports of people who used Piracetam for a while and experienced some transformational benefits to their…

  • Verbal intelligence
  • Long term memory
  • Working memory
  • Mood and mental health
  • Energy and motivation

…BUT when they discontinued use of Piracetam there was an unmistakable deficit of their cognitive abilities, below what their baseline was BEFORE using Piracetam, this is clearly not desirable.

10% — 15% of anecdotal reports mention this Post-Piracetam Intelligence Deficit, so it occurs in a minority of Piracetam users. I have a couple of explanations for this…

  • In many of the cases, people reporting this used Piracetam at excessive dosages for extended periods of time without breaks or cycling.
  • No Choline, ALCAR or Potassium. Piracetam does exhaust your ACh system over time, which is why in the Piracetam Protocol I recommend supplementing these three cofactors to nourish the delicate ACh system that Piracetam stimulates.
  • Histories of drug abuse and psychological instability seem to be correlated to those who report a deficiency of intelligence when they go off their Piracetam.
  • Poor self knowledge or lack of mindfulness is probably somewhat to blame for some of these cases. People go on Piracetam and for several weeks or months feel much better and are more productive, then they go off it and their new normal subjectively feels worse then their old normal because of the new heights of brain power they reached thanks to the Piracetam.
  • There are a few edge-cases where it sounds like the Biohackers used Piracetam responsibly and yet still experienced Post-Piracetam Intelligence Deficit.

So you might be asking…
So if I’ve NEVER used Piracetam before then I probably should NOT use it because it might leave me stupider than I was when I eventually have to go off it?

The vast majority of Piracetam users find that it’s a quintessential smart drug that improves productivity in the short term and their memory in the long term.

In my case, I’ve gone on Piracetam and off Piracetam numerous times over the years. I can say confidently that my smart drug usage has improved my baseline intelligence in every domain, even when I’m off smart drugs. Most people that I talk to report something similar.

The majority of the respondents to these two surveys reported…
Survey on the Nootropica Facebook group
Survey on the Longecity forum
I’m smarter than I was before I used Racetams. Racetams have permanently changed my mind for the better!

What I suggest is that you use Piracetam responsibly and that you channel some of that extra brain power it imbues into other activities that exercise your mind like

1. Dual N-Back brain training
2. Mindfulness practice
3. Reading books
4. Language learning
5. Exercising

These things will improve your mind alongside the Piracetam and will more than make up for any perceived or actual Post-Piracetam Intelligence Deficit.

If you assume that Piracetam is a done for you wonder drug for personal development and you use it alone, in extreme dosages, you may end up complaining about an intelligence deficit like some of these people on the Biohacker forums.

New (EPIC!) Podcast

I just published a LONG podcast, over 2 hours, that I really encourage you to listen to!

It’s entitled

It’s an audio autobiography of myself. It may seem just a bit self aggrandizing and narcissistic to devote an +2 hour podcast to introducing myself but there’s a good reason why I think it will be worth a listen…

I listen to a lot of podcasts or follow Youtubers that are interesting and informative BUT if I don’t know the personal story, background and biases of the person teaching me I’m lacking real crucial context for what they have to say.
If we are going to have this relationship of me being in your earbuds or on your screen frequently, I’d like you to get to know me really quite intimately.

Here’s some feedback I’ve gotten on this podcast

Only listened to maybe ten minutes so far and I’m finding myself hooked. Top notch professionalism as always, and even that’s usually not enough to get someone to listen to nearly 3 hours of talking.

well sir I look forward to continuing your podcasts on this format. you’ve always got interesting things to talk about different viewpoints. and I know that a lot of the suggestions that you made in your YouTube videos have made an impact on some of my Life hacking experience. here’s looking forward to a continuing relationship keep putting out that great content

Recently, I’ve been thinking A LOT about effective communication. The Internet is this fabulous distraction technology that does it’s damnedest to overload your working memory so you don’t really remember anything you read or watched on it.
Reading articles, even on my nicely designed website, is a pretty shallow way to learn, which is why I republish all my articles to (a lower distraction platform if you like to read). I spend an obscene amount of time producing quality Youtube videos for you to watch but Youtube use makes you extremely prone to wasteful, productivity sapping multi-tasking.

In comparison podcasts are pretty good medium, you can listen to it while you commute to work, do your shopping or are at the gym. Based upon a book I recently read, The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our Brains, I think the three most effective ways for me to educate you about Biohacking are

1. Having a one-on-one conversation
2. Writing a book about biohacking
3. High quality podcasts

You can inquire about a one-on-one conversation with me here and I’m not ready to write a book so these podcasts are really one of the best ways to get a free education about Biohacking. You may want to just download all my podcasts, I have them in this public Google drive folder.

I’ve finally found a podcast app that I think is worth a download, it’s called CastBox.FM

  • It’s totally free and commercial free (how do these guys make any money?)
  • It has an easy to use smart phone app.with great streaming quality.
  • The smart phone app allows you to easily download episodes, which is great if you have a road trip coming up.
  • I’m going to retire my Mixcloud podcast feed, it never worked all that great.
  • If you’re old school and still use itunes or an RSS app to listen to podcasts you can just add my Castbox RSS feed.

Please subscribe to my channel here on Castbox

New Video

Features a cool infographic I did about Piracetam.

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Best regards,

Jonathan Roseland

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