A Quantum of Psychopathy

In documentaries about psychopaths they explain how psychopaths have no empathy yet most psychopaths are highly intelligent so they know that they have to fake empathy. They study social dynamics or copy master charmers to pretend that they know how to feel what someone else is feeling.

Have you ever felt like an impostor? That’s what psychopaths feel like all the time. In every social situation they are constantly meta analyzing everything to try to act like they are not a total alien.
They are constantly asking: How would a normal person act in this situation?

The funny thing is…

That’s just how I feel when I’m on smart drugs!

For example, the other evening I had to run the grocery store, I still feeling the lingering effects of a half pill of Modafinil I had done earlier that day although, I’m a bit weary from the long day. I always try to go the grocery store about 20 minutes before it closes — this is a lifehack because there’s a lot less people there and the time limit forces me to do my shopping really quickly and not browse and make impulse purchases — but this day I have to wait in line behind a little, old disabled woman, she takes about 5 minutes to find her money and the appropriate coupons.
Which doesn’t really bother me much because I’m in my own little world doing a breathing exercise and listening to fascinating history podcast.
I make eye contact with the very bored checker, as the slow customer is fumbling with her items, immediately my personal dialog goes
I don’t want the checker to think that I’m irritated with old woman or not paying attention — occasionally they try to rip me off at this grocery store.
So I smile at the checker and shrug cavalierly.

A few minute later I’m walking out of the store, off to the side of the entrance is the an employee who I think is the janitor, smoking a cigarette.
My personal dialog again opines
This guy has absolutely zero social status to me but I see him regularly at this grocery store. I don’t want him to think I’m a total douchebag, I should acknowledge him in a friendly way.
So I step on the pavement just a little harder so my footsteps ever so subtly catch his attention, I give him a friendly nod and a curt good night!

The Art of Charm podcast taught me to be arbitrarily social with everyone, all the time so I act similarly social when I’m not on smart drugs but it’s pretty much unconscious, after years of working on my social skills I’m finally a natural.

But when I’m on potent smart drugs like Modafinil or Racetams I feel like a psychopath. In every social interaction I’m visualizing an invisible chess board of competing frames, motivations, desires, status, risk and opportunity.

Veteran Biohackers (or those close to them) will admit that long term Nootropics usage does change your personality. Amongst the anecdotal reports, a lot of people report that it makes them more cocky and egocentric.

If you’ve long been been the nice guy (or gal) that people disregarded or took advantage of Piracetam may inject a quantum of psychopathy into your personality that makes you a bit more functional in a cynical, unfair world.

The poetic words of a Biohacker who did 24 grams of Piracetam captures just this…

I’ve upped my dose to 24g per day since last night. The level of power is almost too much to bear…It is time to change the world. I will grip it with my own hands and squeeze it, tear it, turn it, pound it until it becomes my image. The eternities within the creation cycle will hear my voice. Death is coming soon but not just yet. I want more power until there is no end, and then I will turn it to use…It is almost time for me to become the tool of the silent voice and the hand of god. Being so close to the edge is frustrating. I must count the heartbeats. Timing, the timing is everything. A new game of chess, one that I will win no matter how the opponent moves. But for now I must wait. Patience…
The shine behind my eyes continues to grow. I am becoming something else: a mirror of the active side of infinity. A very dangerous thing indeed.
Last night I was smashing the skulls of cats. They didn’t put up much of a fight either. The night before I killed dozens of people and other creatures. For the first time they all lost to me. There was no fear, only the joy of reaping.

Creepy right?

And you don’t need to do 24 grams of any smart drug to feel like you are transforming into an evil genius. Actually, you should aim to over time, decrease your intake and dosage of smart drugs.

Over time, smart drugs will change your personality.

  • They’ll make you more motivated and focused.
  • You’ll be more disciplined.
  • More aggressive and assertive.
  • A bit more cocky and egocentric.
  • Don’t be surprised if they make you a more pragmatic, cynical and judgmental person.

Imagine an Ayn Rand character who remembers all 48 of The 48 Laws of Power and ask yourself if you would like to become that person?

In fact, I don’t recommend hardcore smart drugs to people navigating the morally grey seas of modern life by dead reckoning alone without a clarifying moral compass, or ethical rudder which could be…

  • Close friends or family
  • Guiding counsel
  • Study of moral philosophy
  • Religious faith
  • Mentors or accountability partners

The protocol for transforming into a more Machiavellian you is…

It’s going to cost about $150 to implement but I can just about guarantee that it will result in a moment where you feel eerily like the Count of Monte Christo, when his old enemies realize they’ve been ultimately defeated. If you don’t get that metaphor you definitely need to watch that movie again!


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  • I’m going to retire my Mixcloud podcast feed, it never worked all that great.
  • If you’re old school and still use itunes or an RSS app to listen to podcasts you can just add my Castbox RSS feed.

Please subscribe to my channel here on Castbox

New Article and EPIC Infographic

In the last year alone there were about 30 papers published about Piracetam which is especially impressive because it’s a not a patented drug like Modafinil. There’s not the perverse financial incentive of a pharmaceutical company sponsoring the science and trying to get researchers to skew their data.
This article will summarize the science that’s been done on it in the past 12 months along with some personal insights and knowledge coming out of the Biohacker community online. Listen to podcast version.

Updated Infographics

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Sextantalizing chimerically,

Jonathan Roseland

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