How to be a Renaissance Character

In this episode we discuss becoming a renaissance man (or lady) and a powerful memory hack for remembering details about people. If you stick around till the end of the episode you will hear Jonathan’s wacky philosophical technique for taking money from atheists at bars. We finish the episode with a completely unrelated yet badass story about dogs rescuing a baby.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The problem with having a single consuming passion or endeavor.
  • A character flaw of motivated, focused, ambitious smart people (like you!) and how to overcome it.
  • How to NOT be a Renaissance character.
  • Modern renaissance characters.
  • How to remember details about people using absurd visual associations.
  • Nomenclators: Roman employees who’s job was to remember details about people.
  • Zulu Proverb: The lion doesn’t have to roar.
  • Badass story of dogs rescuing a baby in Costa Rica

Listener Question from Chiro: I noticed that during conversations I lack words to express myself, it usually affects my confidence .i always lack words to start conversation and keep it going and I ve noticed that I am not witty enough to crack jokes ,all these have made me to have few friends and i usually refrain from public speeches and social gathering.please I sincerely need your help.

  • Dress as fashionably as you can for the environment.
  • Practice more confidence body language: Hands out of pockets, take up space, move slower, touch people on the upper back when you approach them.
  • Use people’s names frequently.
  • Line: What do you do when you are not_______?

Money Making Technique: Use on atheists at bars

  1. Meet a person who says they are an atheist.
  2. Make them a $20 wager, if I can prove that they are not an actually atheist then they owe me $20. The conditions of this wager are that an atheist is a person with an absolute disbelief in god or any spiritual dimension of themselves or the universe which is not provable by science. If I can philosophical prove the existence of god anything spiritual that doesn’t matter to wager. The only way I win the wager is by proving that you believe in the existence of god or the spiritual.
  3. They agree to these conditions.
  4. Offer to pay them $10 for their soul.
  5. If they are truly an atheist then they do not believe that they have a soul and it’s an easy opportunity for them to pocket $30 for absolutely nothing, if they refuse my offer then they must not be so certain about being soul-less so they are in actuality an agnostic (who owes me $20).

Resources and links:
How to Remember Details About People (Visual Association Process)
Modern renaissance characters: Joe Rogan & Jordan Harbinger

Scientific case studies of Nootropics and Dual N-Back Training

Playa Chamon, Costa Rica where the badass story in this episode occurs

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Keep It Coming (Basto Remix)’ by Starkillers & Nadia Ali
‘Power’ by Capeesh ft. Thelonious & Kid Dynomite
‘I Made It’ by Kevin Rudolf & Young Money
‘Miles Away’ Madonna Remix by MJOLLNYR

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