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Russia has been a powerhouse of pharmacological research and development since the fall of the Soviet Union.

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I checked out this vendor RUPharma based in Moscow which offers some unique Nootropics and performance enhancers that I’m eager to self-experiment with. In particular…


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This is a peptide-based Nootropic with an impressive 165 human studies referenceable on Pubmed. Its primary clinical purpose is the treatment of Neurodegenerative diseases. As any informed Biohacker knows, few drugs are designed for the specific purpose of upgrading performance in otherwise healthy people. Cerebrolysin has a similar research profile to other popular smart drugs.
From a 2013 Taiwanese double-blind study of 32 patients

Cerebrolysin is a nootropic drug, and can significantly improve cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and stroke…
Our results suggest that Cerebrolysin improves the cognitive function of the [mild traumatic brain injury] in patients at 3rd month after injury, especially for long-term memory and drawing function.

According to a 70 person human trial it’s something of a motor function hack

the Cerebrolysin group exhibited significantly more improvement in motor function compared with the placebo group (p < 0.05). Effects of Cerebrolysin were demonstrated as restricted increments of corticospinal diffusivity and as recovery of the sensorimotor connectivity.

Now, this doesn’t guarantee that Cerebrolysin will improve your golf game or your Judo practice as this study was conducted on those with motor impairment, not healthy adults. Although, I will do a bit of self-experimentation and report whether it improves my salsa dancing.
A veteran Biohacker on Reddit reported:

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I have been researching and using nootropics for the past 5 years…
I can safely say that Cerebrolysin is by far the best nootropic I have ever used. This is only three weeks in, but my memory, recall ability, sensitivity to music, observance over my emotions, thinking faculties have all improved to a noticeable amount…
Memories are going off the chart, I am able to remember very very distant memories from my childhood at even the age of a few years old…

He concludes

The best way I can describe it is the feeling of general bodily health, great ability to focus (on command), attention span, and clarity of thought and desire.

RUPharma sells it in liquid ampuls in two sizes
430mg (2ml)
2150mg (10ml)
This is a Nootropic that you inject, so if you don’t like needles this isn’t the performance-enhancing peptide for you! You’ll want to thoroughly research self-injections if you intend to DIY this or have a professional show you.

From an exhaustive discussion on Longecity:

Cerebrolysin has to be injected intravenously or intramuscularly. It cannot be injected into the fatty tissue. An intramuscular (IM) injection is a shot where the needle goes into the muscle layer under the skin to deliver medicine. IM injections are deeper than subcutaneous injections (given under the skin). Parts of the Body Involved — Upper arm, Top of the thigh, Buttocks (most common and recommended for 5 ml cerebrolysin injections).


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Is a Neuroprotective Nootropic and the subject of +25 human studies. This heptapeptide is a quintessential smart drug in that it fires up cognition as opposed to wakefulness, focus or motivation. So it will help you work smarter as opposed to harder, which sometimes is exactly what we need.
A 2009 paper explains that it’s a gene expression hack that promotes Neuroplasticity via expression of Nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF):

It is known that Semax has effects on learning and memory formation and exerts some neuroprotective effects in rodents and humans…
It was revealed that after Semax administration the multidirectional activation of the expression of the genes under investigation in the hippocampus, frontal cortex, and retina was observed.

It’s a vision hack according to a 2013 study of 114 Russians

The most pronounced and long-standing (up to 12 months) positive effect on the visual function was documented in the main group.

Another recent study of 27 patients noted an improvement in the quality of life scores

1% semax significantly improves the total estimate of life quality due to the improvement of emotional state and motivation in [motor neuron disease] patients with the maximal effect on day 10.

The Semax that RUPharma sells comes as intranasal drops. There are two options
.1% heptapeptide €20
1% heptapeptide €89
The .1% solution seems like the best option for Biohackers using it for performance enhancement, who will want to follow the dosing regimen of 1–2 drops per nostril twice a day.


I’ve praised Noopept elsewhere and have used it myself for several years. If you’re sick of taking powdered Nootropics RUPharma sells 10 milligram Noopept capsules.
A newer study out of Moscow expands upon the mechanism of Noopept:

The ability of drug to protect the impairments of cell viability, calcium homeostasis, ROS level, mitochondrial function, tau phosphorylation and neurite outgrowth caused by [Amyloid beta] 25–35 were evaluated…
Taken together, these data provide evidence that novel cognitive enhancer noopept protects PC12 cell against deleterious actions of [Amyloid beta] through inhibiting the oxidative damage…

Many find that a choline source, like Alpha GPC, stacks really well with Noopept. One Biohacker reported about RUPharma’s Noopept:

Noopept is the only product I have taken that holds what it promises. I need 20 mg for an entire day (10 mg in the morning around 0600 (either no breakfast or only some fruit) and then around 1200 with lunch). For me, I have noticed that if I use it sublingually the effect is stronger but does not last as long whereas swallowing the pills gives me the focus needed for an entire day.
Whenever I feel that I am starting to have some headache, I use the Alpha GPC from Jarrow (300 mg with each Noopept pill) and I am as good as new after aaround half a day.

Check out this flowchart of other Nootropics and drugs they offer.

A lot of these I’ve never even heard of and I couldn’t responsibly recommend them the same way I do Piracetam (which they sell under the name Nootropil) or the Adaptogenic herbs. Before consuming or purchasing new drugs or supplements you always want to first take at least 20 minutes to research them by…
Search the Longecity forum and read other users personal experiences.
Search Youtube for videoblogs made about it.
Search for studies on Pubmed that in the Title/Abstract mention it. Check if human research has been done, if not you’re taking a higher risk by using it yourself.
Check the Nootropic Ingredients directory of my website where I have written extensively about +70 different cognitive enhancers and performance enhancers.
If there’s a good reason to NOT take the drug you’ll usually be able to uncover it out by perusing these sources.


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Their preferred payment method is Bitcoin; there is a 10% discount for paying using the world’s most convenient cryptocurrency!
You can of course also pay with VISA and Mastercard but there is a 5% surcharge, so what more reason do you need to join your antidisestablishmentarian comrades in the Bitcoin revolution?
If you’re old fashioned you can also use Moneygram.


You might be wondering what the legality is of receiving a shipment of pharmacologically active agents from another country, especially Russia.
The truth is that if you’re in a country with very strict drug laws and poor human rights protections it’s probably not a great idea. However, similar to what I said in my video about traveling with smart drugs, in my 5 years of researching Nootropics I’ve yet to come across an account of someone who suffered legal repercussions for importing cognitive enhancers for personal use.

Although, if you’re importing anything into a place that ranks poorly on the country corruption index you’re taking a risk that you’ll be taken advantage of. However, RUPharma ships to +30 different countries, they do business like undercover Agent Sasha in the CIA; very discretely! They ship in such inconspicuous packages that the customs agents will likely just think the package is just your Babushka (grandma) sending you cookies!
Personally, having lived for years in countries that are best described as dodgy and due to my disdain for paying VAT taxes, I will usually ship my supplements to a friend in the United States who is coming to see me sometime soon and I compensate them for the hand delivery by sharing my drugs or buying them dinner!


In case you’re wondering, yes you can get Russian Nootropics in the United States. One customer reported:

I have ordered from rupharma twice so far and both times the product was delivered to me very fast without problems. This last order was shipped to California in 7 days! The product is authentic and they are a pleasure to deal with. They always reply quickly to any inquiries and will not hesitate to assist you with any issues. I will definitely keep coming back and highly recommend them to anyone!

{module RUPharma Infogram}

RUPharma estimates the following shipping times
Within EU 4–7 business days
UK 5–8 business days
USA 10–14 business days
Canada 8 business days

Money Back Guarantee

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They do offer a money back or reshipment policy in case of package loss or customs confiscation. Which seems very generous to me!

VIP Program

RUPharma appreciates customer loyalty and will reward
3 orders placed within 12 months
An order with a value of over 300 Euros
With a discount and access to exclusive products; I’d love to tell you what the exclusive products are but it’s a secret.
I’ll add that I do free Biohacking consultations with those who are really investing in their quantifiable personal development. If you spend over 200 Euros with RUPharma just forward the receipt email to me at and we can jump on a Skype call this week!

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