You’re an IDIOT if you like feminine women and DON’T go salsa dancing

But a lot of my readers who are single guys tell me…

Just focus on improving yourself and the right person will come into your life

…approach to intimate relationships, I think it’s a useless self help platitude and it’s never worked out that way for me. I’m all about taking action, ethical hedonism and re-purposing goals into daily habits.

  • Late nights. If you’re really going to take this pickup artist thing seriously you have to be prepared to stay till closing time at bars and clubs — so 2AM, 3AM, 4AM or even later.
  • Club girls. I’m not so jaded and cynical as to say that it’s impossible to meet quality girls at clubs but it’s unlikely you’ll meet someone at a club that you would want to be in a long term relationship with. You want to make sure you’re having very safe sex with anyone you meet at a club. Clubs are great places to pickup a venereal disease.
  • Drunks and smokers will surround you; you’re going to have to deal with a lot of stupid, obnoxious people to get what you want.
  • Short term relationships. Most of RSD’s teaching is focused around short term relationships, the same night lay. Which I’m not really morally opposed to but pragmatically the best social science indicates that being in a long term relationship is the most healthy arrangement for both men and women, whereas serial short term relationships are quite bad for women and of dubious value for men.

These downsides are unacceptable to me.

  • My time and sanity is just too valuable to me.
  • I hate the shitty music they play at big crazy clubs.
  • I’m 33, I do recommend that younger men go clubbing, some of the very best experiences of my 20’s had to do with nightclubs but over time it really does lose its luster.
  • Also, at least here in Europe where I live we’re seeing so many terrorist attacks on nightclubs that I really wouldn’t want to be in a big popular nightclub more frequently than a couple times a year. In one of my most popular podcasts, I interviewed street fight psychology expert and security consultant Richard Gannon who has well over a decade of experience bouncing at nightclubs around the world. His sage advice was…

I’d really rather meet girls at night

  • However, you really will have to shake the hands of a lot of BORING real estate agents, language teachers, computer programmers and MLMers to meet someone that you would actually like to date. It’s really pretty counter intuitive to try to practice your game and meet girls at networking functions. I have gotten laid from going to these dorky networking functions but I had to go to a lot of them!
  • is the best in my opinion, if I was going to go to public events, it would be theirs but big crazy nightclubs are really a better option if your real reason for socializing is to meet girls.

Online Dating

I could of course join the masses and do online dating

  • Start spamming girls with some clever one-liners on Plenty of Fish.
  • Fill out that giant personality compatibility matrix of eHarmony.

But the downsides to online dating are huge…

  • It’s really time consuming. If you really want to get results from it prepare to spend like 10 hours a week on it; clicking, liking, hearting photos, writing messages, chatting, etc. Don’t you already spend too much time online?
  • Your looks really matter. Good looking guys do a whole lot better on online dating.
  • The competition is insane! Good looking girls are being digitally solicited by hundreds or maybe even thousands of guys. Even girls who you would honestly classify as a 3/10 are getting attention and offers for dates.
  • You don’t actually know what the girl looks like until she shows up on the date!
  • Online dating has always seemed deeply unromantic to me because if the girl is even remotely attractive she has hundreds of other guys hitting on her. The guy is just a commodity that is utterly replaceable with a few swipes.
  • Nothing is at stake emotionally for the girl and the guy is of course kind of a wimp really because he’s emotionally insulating himself from real rejection by doing it online. Really quite unromantic!

So is there a place to easily meet girls…

Who are actually feminine and sexy?
In the real world?
In the evening, when it’s not going to interfere with work?
Without having to do a bunch of superfluous networking and socializing with people I’m not interested in?
Without spending a lot money?
Without wasting hours and hours of time?
Doing something that’s actually fun?
Yes there is. It’s…

Salsa clubs.

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  • They are frequented by attractive, feminine women; the type who take care of themselves wearing heels and dresses.
  • Salsa clubs have a good proportion of girls to guys. Sometimes a lot more girls than guys.
  • Women often attend them solo or in easy to approach groups of two.
  • Salsa clubs are actually nice places to hang out. The music is pleasant. You’re not surrounded by drunk people smoking.
  • The salsa club crowd arrives earlier and goes home at a decent hour, usually by midnight. I’ve never seen a fight at a salsa club and I’d be a whole lot less concerned about violence there.
  • Pickup artists don’t go to salsa clubs, so your competition is just other guys who like to salsa dance. Who I’m not very worried about.

Don’t be an idiot

If you’re a single guy lacking good prospects for your sex life, do some personal development, learn game, hit up a salsa club and you’ll be rewarded!

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