Gents, if you’d like to experience that unpleasant (yet oddly addictive) little sting of fear of missing out just take a gander at my Instagram this week as I’m going on vacation.

I’ve just finished my new book so my hot wife and I will spend the week having all sorts of fun in the sun at a resplendent little sundrenched Black Sea town.

In all likelihood, right now your social media feeds are nonstop bad news; the global pandemic/plandemic royally f**king up the economy and people angry about political stuff — the world has never seemed shoddier! But if you swing by my Instagram, you’ll be reminded that some of us are still loving life and living it up — thriving despite. The cocktail of abundance that I sip from has remained unflurried sailing through the rough seas of 2020 because of the woman by my side.

Selectively seducing a virtuous woman and marrying her is the most significant evolution in antifragility I’ve undergone in the past decade. It’s what I wish for any decent man but you might say…

There are NO virtuous women! They are all imperfect and flawed…

Of course, I mean relatively virtuous, a woman who has the potential to deeply enrich your life. The rational seducer makes moral judgments about women, passing on the “blenders,” not to be pious but because the women you sleep with can have such a tremendous impact (for better or worse) on the trajectory of your life.

I’ve familiarized myself with the arguments of the MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way). If you haven’t heard of it, this a movement of men who are giving up on women because the risk of divorce or some kind of legal entanglement with women is just so daunting that they prefer porn (or sex robots!) I’ve looked at the evidence and their concerns are valid, which is why…

  • I married an exotic foreign woman in her country and live there. The courts here are a lot saner and their grasp is constrained by the borders of this small country.
  • I stacked an array of frame control strategies from the inception of the relationship.
  • I married for love but also for logic; I evaluated her womanly virtue based on objective criteria (in the new book I list 24 things to look out for).
  • And I re-embraced the religion I was raised with which she respects. The bible provides some concrete guidelines for tranquil relations between man and wife; man submits to reason and order and the woman submits to man.

I purchased this compass for $10 about 25 years ago. I’ve taken it with me everywhere in the world, and in stark contrast to almost every other possession of mine, it works flawlessly every time I open it. It never lies, it never misdirects me, and it never needs to be updated. I sure wish more things in the world were like a compass. This compass is one of a very few non-shoddy things in my life, another is my wife.
The very good news is that a good relationship with a good woman will be your respite from this shoddy world.
My wife is beautiful, sexy, witty, smart (and a bit childish sometimes), but often what I most appreciate about her is her reliability. Something, almost totally lacking from any previous romantic relationship I had.

One of the things that make the shoddiness of life sufferable is strong coffee. And every morning, after I’ve been working on my computer for a few minutes, my wife appears at my side with strong coffee, made just the way I like it. With the best organic coffee beans, some butter mixed in, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. She hands me the coffee with a smile, caresses my shoulder a moment, and I give her a kiss. It’s such a happy little moment that I actually look forward to it every night as I drift off to sleep.
This happiness and respite from shoddiness are what I wish for any decent man.

Which is why I wrote this book…

As you can see it’s a dating/relationship book, the 19 chapters total over 500 pages (the audiobook is 18 hours) which is huge! Most dating/self-help books are 150–200 pages, mine is longer because I get really detailed on some of the advanced social dynamics strategies, sex hacks, and do a lot of storytelling. It’s self-published, so I don’t have a publisher telling me to cut content or water down the message.

This flowchart visually breaks the chapters of the book.

  1. The Inevitable Uncondoming
  2. Playing with Fire
  3. I Was Promised a Sex Slave
  4. Dating in the Post-COVID-19 Era
  5. The Secret Society Infiltration Model for “Networking”
  6. Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women
  7. How I met the love of my life and why I took the ultimate risk
  8. The Siren Song of Online Dating
  9. Sex and Dating Hacks
  10. Lifehacking Your Looks
  11. Seducing a Virgin
  12. How to Lose Your Virginity
  13. The Hero’s Journey from No Fap to Tantric Sex
  14. Tantric Sex Techniques
  15. Choose Youth (and Yin) over Beauty
  16. The Worst Part of Being Married
  17. The One Thing I Regret
  18. My Wedding Night with my Beloved Bride
  19. A Respite from the Shoddiness of Life

Please order the book today

Download epub/mobi book and read at your leisure on your e-reader or with the Kindle app on your smartphone

On for $8.99. You’ll receive an immediate download of the Mobi and Epub versions of the book, so you can read it on an e-reader device or on your smartphone.

  • Includes the audiobook version of the book. Some of the chapters you’ll want to listen to multiple times to absorb the knowledge.
  • And you’ll also get access to a private accountability community, The League of Limitless Gentlemen on, where you’ll be able to get feedback and encouragement from me and other likeminded guys.

You can pre-order it here on Amazon, I realize that their Kindle platform makes reading very convenient, but you getting it direct from me allows me to build a community around the book which is why it’s a dollar cheaper on Mobi import instructions are included so you can read it like any other Kindle book.

As a reward to those who order it direct from my website, I’ll include the audiobook.
The length means that I’ll have to list it on Audible for $20-$25, of which I only get a 20% royalty — so I’d rather reward those who pre-order with the audiobook!

If you want to test drive the audiobook, give a listen to the podcast below…

New podcast

The deliberalization of dating — from “Dating in the Post-COVID-19 Era” Chapter 4 of my new book “Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender”

New (very silly) video

How to Pick Up Chicks in the Club — I illustrate the subtleties of nightgame; cold approaching in clubs and bars with figurines. I was a pick up artist for about half a decade and then I actually met my wife in a nightclub (and she’s a great wife!) If you find clubgame downright grueling you’ll want to watch this video to the end as I reveal a nightlife venue (in nearly EVERY city) that I’d found consistently has a great guy-to-beautiful woman ratio. redesigned

Go swing by as this week I made a much overdue website overhaul. Let me know if it looks good to you…

Feelin’ cool by the pool,

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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