Seven Common Self Help Fallacies (Podcast #20)

In this episode Jonathan and Woody deconstruct and disprove 7 common self help fallacies using the Socratic Method for precise thought. We also discuss why positive, yet slightly erroneous self help platitudes may not be as harmless as you think.

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Self Help Fallacies

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  1. Positive Self Affirmations
  2. Winners never quit, quitters never win
  3. Money doesn’t make you happy
  4. ‘Be Genuine’ vs ‘Fake it Till You Make it
  5. Positive Attitude is the most important thing
  6. You can do anything
  7. Your time is your most valuable asset

How to Extract the Most Happiness from Money

  • Spend your money first on whatever product or service, allow days or weeks to elapse before taking delivery of product or service. When shopping as opposed to in a store; buy online, select the slowest form of shipping so you have at least several days fantisizing until you actually get the product. When purchasing dinners or local services use a daily deals website where you pay first days or weeks before getting to use the actual coupon.
  • Spend your money on expierences not things.
  • Don’t make impulse or sporadic purchases. Avoid buying on credit.


You are more likely to die of indegestion of too much oppurtunity than starvation of too little” Jim Collins, ‘From Good to Great’
Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer.

Links, Resources & Studies

Positive self-statements: power for some, peril for others’ University of Waterloo Study
Impostor Syndrome
The story of Panama Canal


Keep It Coming (Basto Remix)’ by Starkillers & Nadia Ali
‘Power’ by Capeesh ft. Thelonious & Kid Dynomite
‘I Made It’ by Kevin Rudolf & Young Money

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