Self help guru diploma mills are silly

In the past week, I’ve been pitched at least a dozen different “health coach certification” programs by different brands. I REALLY don’t see the value in this.

You pay several thousand dollars (or more), you go to a motivational coaching seminar for a couple of days where they teach, I’m sure, some very cool biohacking and mindset stuff. You become part of a coaching network where you participate in Skype calls. And they give you “certified coach” JPG to proudly display on your website or social media accounts.

It would seem that a lot of these coaching programs are MLM-type deals where you recruit others to also be coaches in the organization (and get paid a fat commission for doing so!) I can see how this is profitable for the companies offering the certification and I’m a capitalist so I can’t really knock it but I don’t see where the value is for the aspiring coach or their clients.

Whatever cool stuff they have to teach you about flowstates, some fancy meditation technique or whatever you can learn by reading books, Pubmed research or simply by hiring one of the numerous coaches that these programs produce.

People will hire a personal growth or health coach based on personality fit, the coach’s actual expertise, and past clients’ results along with of course the coach’s sales skills. Not all coaching is a scam, most successful entrepreneurs credit their coaches highly for their success. But I for one would like to hire a coach with serious expertise and experience, not someone who came out of a self-help guru diploma mill!

Since its inception, I’ve kept the content along with the services, and products offered by Limitless Mindset​ very tightly focuses around addressing real people’s problems and empowering them towards their goals and resisted the temptation to pitch various pyramid schemes. I’ve never sold an ebook about how to get rich selling Nootropics so that you can hang out on a beach in Thailand or party with hot chicks in Europe. I’d rather just sell the right Nootropics to the people that they can really help. Most of my coaching clients are people with some sort of frustrating health issue (like overcoming persistent heavy metals’ toxicity) and they hire me to buy back the time that they would have to spend researching and trying a bunch of different products, Nootropics and health supplements that might or might not work.

If you think that’s an honest way to do business, please respond to this email…

What would you buy if I were smart enough to sell it?

Also, I offer, not a coaching certification program, but a private online practitioner community, The Limitless Mindset Secret Society. This is, I dare say, a place for a more elite caliber of online discourse about everything biohacking and lifehacking. Everyone in the Secret Society is vetted by me personally in a 30-minute call, thus it’s a respectful online space. It’s like a posh gentleman’s club (in the original sense of the phrase — NOT a strip club), not just anybody can waltz in, so those in the club will take you seriously when you’re ushered in. Before the vetting call, you’ll need to spend at least a hundred dollars with some of these recommended vendors of credible biohacking products and Nootropics via the links on my website. There’s no other way to get into the Secret Society so don’t bother asking.

A $100 is less pricy than a lot of online masterminds and communities so you’re expected to pay your ongoing dues by contributing meaningfully to the conversation. It’s not hosted on one of those mainstream social media platforms that don’t give a damn about your privacy. It’s hosted on, which in my view is the best social network on the internet today.

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Your Ayn-Randian, Non-Pyramidal Builder of Veracity and Non-Multi-Layered Meteoric Marketer,

Jonathan Roseland



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