Should Biohackers use Metformin?

This pharmaceutical is an insulin hack and the most studied diabetes drug, yet it remains highly controversial as an anti-aging and longevity tool for biohackers.

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Scientific Research


Mechanism of Action

A Metabolism Hack

An Insulin Hack

  • Metformin increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin.
  • Reduces liver gluconeogenesis — the production of glucose. The liver converts a lot of the protein that we consume into glucose (sugar). Metformin prevents this which is beneficial to gym bros (like me) who are consuming a lot of protein. If you’re spending your hard-earned money on fancy whey protein powder or steak dinners you want as much of that protein as possible to contribute to muscle growth.

An AMPK Hack

An mTOR Hack

Vs Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Risk Factor Genes Spreadsheet

For Body Building


  • Improved his long-term memory recall.
  • It made him look less old, it made his face less round and fat and more angular and defined.

A Will Power Diet Hack

Vs Cancer

Why black people should take metformin…


Usage & Dosage

  • 1–2 grams total daily is a typical dosage for treating or preventing diabetes.
  • Bodybuilders may want to take up 2000 milligrams to maximize muscle gains.


Side Effects

Risk Grade: B-

  • It is heavily studied worldwide which is encouraging. However, the most authoritative meta-analysis of clinical trials couldn’t conclude that it was useful and helpful.
  • It has undergone a massive clinical trial giving Metformin to over 5000 people and a 10 year follow-up study was conducted. If it produced serious negative side effects in a statistically significant proportion of its users this giant study would have noted that.
  • The major thing that scares people about Metformin is the Lactic acidosis which can actually kill you. However, unless you have liver or renal issues or you’re drastically deficient in B-Vitamins you really don’t need to worry much about this.
  • There’s some concern about its effect on kidney function, from a 2017 study of 600 Taiwanese Metformin may have an adverse effect on renal function in patients with type 2 DM and moderate CKD.

The Metformin Alternative

Downloadable Metformin?


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