Don’t Sleep without the Sleep Cycle App

I’m a little late to the sleep hacking party. For some reason I was a little reluctant to start quantifying my sleep. However, I kept hearing about the sleep cycle app from people like Dave Asprey and Pat Flynn. I finally paid the $2 and downloaded it. I’m glad I tried it! It really does improve your sleep.

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I’m a person that’s always kind of had issues with waking up on time… I would just hit the snooze button chronically, this has caused me to fail some classes and lose some jobs.

The no snooze habit was suggested to me by Brad with RSD, which is pretty straight forward; you pick a time to wake up before going to bed and just never use the snooze button, and it really does improve your productivity by giving you more time in the mornings.

But it’s really hard to practice and a lot of times it makes me really exhausted in the morning.

I seem to do way better ignoring the snooze button and actually getting out of bed with the optimized wake up time of the Sleep Cycle alarm. As you can see in on my profile I’ve actually done a pretty good job of practicing no snooze lately. Which is something that I’ve just been really bad at my whole life.

I’ve used it for several years now and it’s a great tool for gamifying your biohacking. It try to combine different sleep hacks to aim for the highest sleep score

It’s well worth the $2.

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